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Louth car sales above national average for first six months of 2022






Car sales in Louth for the first six months of the year are above the national average according to the latest figures for the The Society of the Irish Motor Industry.

A total of 1,550 cars bearing the 221 registration have been sold in Louth, up 5.95 per cent on the same time last year.

Nationally, new car registrations to date are up 2.1% (65,176) on the same period last year (63,853) and are 19.3% behind (80,758) that of pre-Covid levels.

After a sluggish start to the year, new car registrations jumped by 18.55% in March,  31.78% in April and 23.7% in May compared to the same period last year.  However, they slumped in June and were down 10%.

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Used car imparts have dropped massively following the introduction of Brexit, with just 738 used cars registrations in Louth in the first six months of the year, down 40.48% on 2021.

While petrol engines remain the popular with Louth motorists, sales only increased by 1.44% in the first six months.  Motorists are looking for more environmental friendly cars and registrations  of  new electric cars are up 71.11% in Louth to date, with petrol/hybrid up 50.42%, and   petrol/plug-in electric hybrid are up 16.95%. Petrol engine sales only increased by 1.44%.

There’s been a big move away from diesel engines, even though they are account for the second highest number of registrations, with a decrease of  22.27%, while diesel electric hybrid and diesel plug-in electric hybrid are down by 56.41%.

There’s also been a drop in sale of manual transmissions, which is down by 11.76%, while automatic transmissions increased by 32.99%.

Grey is by far the most popular colour with Louth motorists, with 542 grey cars sold to date, followed by black (248) , ivory/white (246) and blue (239).

Registrations of light commercial vehicles in Louth were down by 31.40% 

 “New car registrations for the first half of the year are marginally ahead (2.1%) of last year but remain 19.3% behind that of 2019 (pre-covid levels),”  Brian Cooke, Director General SIMI said.

"The continuing surge in Electric Vehicle sales, up 97% for the first half of the year, continues to be the one positive aspect of the new car market. While overall new car registrations for June are down 22% on the same month last year, the Industry is as ever optimistic that the new 222 registration period, which begins today, will help boost sales and attract vital trade-ins for the used car market. Feedback from retailers is that July will be very busy, and consumers are advised to shop around for the best deals on new and used cars.

“Despite pent-up demand following two years of interrupted business, new car sales continue to drag due to supply constraints. While the supply issues will start to unwind in the short term, we now have the spectre of inflation and global political uncertainty. These have the potential to dampen new car demand at this critical juncture in reducing transport emissions. In this environment it is vital that Government continues to incentivise electric vehicles by extending current supports, and also refrain from any further taxation increases which will only suppress demand hampering our ability to decarbonise the national fleet.”