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Local musicians to the fore at The Spirit Store


Lots of local talent on stage in The Spirit Store over the coming days

Lots of local talent on stage in The Spirit Store over the coming days

Lots of local talent on stage in The Spirit Store over the coming days


The spotlight is shining directly on local talent in The Spirit Store with two nights of back to back music by bands from Dundalk and the north east.

 Violent Mood Swing are set to ramp things as they play their debut gig on Thursday night to celebrate the release of their album ‘Regarding Your Previous Email’.

Featuring Pete Johnston ex Rumble,  Donnachadh Grant  of bands such as Striknien D.C, M07S, Blood or Whiskey and The Evil Knievals, and drummer Colin Berrill, they willb e joined  Robbie Sharkey, another ex Rumble head now playing with Pete in RP3000, for the gig.

Formed during the pandemic, they wrote eleven songs to keep the boredom at bay, they then went into the studio and recorded their debut album. Several videos have also been made and released.

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According to Pete, the songs “are an eclectic mix of Rock, Punk, and Calypso with the theme of the album grappling with the notion of Violent Mood Swings at the core of every song. This album is short and to the point no messing around here, let’s get on with it and have a Party of Rock in the ears of all who enjoy a good old mosh pit, as the saying goes “Born from an egg on a mountain top! The funkiest band that ever popped!”

Also playing on Thursday night are The Jobseekerz, whose members are drawn from across Louth, Monaghan and Cavan, making it a real north east collective.

They first got together in 2014 and have undergone numerous line-up changes until they settled with the current five-piece, playing what they describe as Electric Gyp-Hop(Sham-rock).

They released their debut EP Social Hellfare at KnockanStockan festival  in July and also the first music video for It's Got Me Like.

Things go down a peg on Friday night when four to the town’s finest singer/songwriters take to the stage.

Pierce Quinn is no stranger to The Spirit Store stage, only recently supporting the incredible 'Elephant' back in May.

Alice Robinson is a Louth based alternative singer-songwriter that creates musical and lyrical vocabularies that are unique and deserve our critical attention. An inimitable artist, Alice's vocal style drifts uneasily, luring in the listener with pretty and tender vocal lines before succumbing to heartrending shouts and wails of suppression and resistance.

Dundalk singer-songwriter Mark Durnin returned to the stage in late 2021 after a year hiatus, testing out new material via support slots for Orwell's 84, Niall McNamee and Finnian. With a renewed confidence and a fresh approach to song-writing and performance Mark now finds himself having fun with music, with no aspirations but to put pen to paper, hand to string and simply create.

Dundalk based musician Brian Casley has been playing around Dundalk for the past 15 years. From pub session to stage, the multi-instumentalist has played alongside some of the best musicians that Dundalk has to offer! After his original band 'The Seasons' disbanded in 2012, he moved away from writing, and spent some time playing in cover bands. Over the past two years he has been writing and recording incredible original music with a number of local musicians, and has a debut album in the pipeline.