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HIQA inspection found HSE-run centre needed repairs



A HSE-run residential unit for adults with intellectual disabilities in Co Louth hadn’t been kept in a good state of repairs, with a leaking roof, mould in some of the rooms, damaged flooring and rooms which needed repainting.

An unannounced HIQA inspection at Lios na Grieine on August 18th last found that the  five-bedroomed bungalow used to provide  24-hour nurse-led residential care and for five adults with intellectual disabilities, was non-compliant in regards to regulations for premises.

The report, published on the HIQA website, describes the house as being  located in the countryside with a large fenced garden to the back with summer furniture and an unused garden shed.

The inspectors met with four of the residents on the day of inspection and they appeared comfortable in their home. While residents were not able to communicate verbally how they felt about living in the centre , they appeared relaxed and could freely access all areas of their home. They appeared content in the company of staff, who  were observed  interacting with them in a kind and respectful manner.

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The residents were able to engage in activities which they enjoyed although day service programmes had stopped for the residents in March 2020. Other activities that they had enjoyed such as horse riding had also closed. However, they were taken for drives and were able to exercise in a number of areas in the locality and were also taken on day trips.

Staff also supported residents to re-engage in the community, taking them to the hairdressers to get their hair done or food shopping.

Families of the residents were “very satisfied” with the most aspects of the services provided.

The report found that “overall, residents appeared to have a good quality of life in this centre. However, significant improvements were required in the premises and minor improvements were required in fire safety, personal plans and the governance and management systems in place.

While the inspectors found the house to be spacious and laid out to meet the needs of the residents, they also highlighted  delays in addressing required works to the exterior and interior of the building.

There was a long-standing issue with part of the centre's roofing that was resulting in regular leaks. Painting was required to a number of rooms in the house. There was also damage to the flooring in a number of rooms which the provider had identified as potential trip hazards.

The person in charge facilitated an inspector to be shown around the building where they observed small patches of mould growing around some windows and one ceiling. Repairs needed to be carried out  to the flooring in a resident's bedroom. Staining was noted on the floor of the main bathroom and a number of doors and presses needed repair.

"In general, the premises was designed and laid out to meet the needs of the residents,” states the report. “ The provider had, however, failed to ensure that it was kept in a good state of repair externally and internally and that the building was suitably decorated.

Inspectors also  observed that three fire containment doors needed repairs leading to a finding of the centre being ‘substantially compliant’ in regards to fire regulations..

A similar finding of ‘substantially compliant’ was found in relation to the  regulations regarding  governance and management of the centre and residents’  individual assessment and care plans

In response management said that the out standing maintenance works identified on the day of inspection had all been rectified by September 24th.

They said that the bedrooms and other parts of the centre have been repainted, and that the flooring in rooms have been repaired and all finishes provided to mitigate any trip or falls hazard. All ceiling areas and windows have been cleaned. and doors and presses have been repaired.

The cleaning of window frames was  incorporated into daily cleaning schedule.

The fire door magnets have been repaired and all other fire safety doors examined to ensure they are in proper working order.