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Healthy meals for fitness fans

Local bodybuilder launches new range of nutritious pre-prepared food


Personal trainer & body builder Abiola Raheem

Personal trainer & body builder Abiola Raheem

Elite Prep meals will be available at Integral Gym from November 29th.

Elite Prep meals will be available at Integral Gym from November 29th.


Personal trainer & body builder Abiola Raheem


A Drogheda bodybuilder became so disillusioned at the lack of healthy, balanced meals for his training regime that he is launching his own range!

Abiola Raheem is about to launch Elite Prep, food preparation company, on November 29th in Integral Gym, and he hopes they will appeal to body-builders, fitness fanatics, or anyone who wants to eat a healthy, balanced diet and fresh local produce.

"Lockdown has been hard on a lot of people, but it did make people more aware of their health, and that they should be looking after themselves a lot more,” says Abiola, who is also a personal trainer. “People developed bad habits, and I am working with people who have put on 10 – 20 kgs during the pandemic, so that was almost a blessing in disguise for me, as it made me think of branching out into nutrition as well as fitness.”

Abiola, who grew up in Tredagh View, noticed a lack of nutritious, healthy, affordable cooked meals to hand in Ireland before lockdown.

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A former student of St Paul’s and St Joseph’s, he has had a successful career as a bodybuilder in London, as well as training footballers and business men and women.

“In the UK, when I am finished training, I can literally pick up a meal that contains everything I need nutritionally, but when I was training back in Ireland, it was really annoying that it was so hard to get the same thing, so I decided to do something about it,” he explains. “I started working on Elite Prep, designing and delivering extremely delicious and wholesome meals for the Irish community.”

Abiola says they put a real focus on locally sourced food, with it all being prepared daily in Drogheda by a local chef. 

"The meals are not just for body builders but also for anyone who is too busy to prepare their own balanced meals, and I have a lot of clients in Ireland too, who I feel would benefit,” he adds. “The food is packed full of goodness and flavour all while being affordable.

"This is where I grew up, so want to support the local economy, with meat sourced locally, and the launch at Integral Gym.”

The meals will be available at Integral Gym from November 29th.