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Happy birthday as the ‘sea louth’ scenic seafood trail turns one


There are 40 restaurants to choose from along the sea louth trail.

There are 40 restaurants to choose from along the sea louth trail.

There are 40 restaurants to choose from along the sea louth trail.


The ‘sea louth’ scenic seafood trail, developed by Louth County Council to showcase the county’s world-class seafood producers and to attract visitors to the county’s scenic coastline, celebrates its first birthday.

Hundreds of holidaymakers have embarked on the trail to date, filling sea louth ‘passports’ with stamps in exchange for an exclusive memento.

“Though the trail was launched in the midst of a global pandemic, it has proved to be a big hit with visitors who are coming from all over Ireland and futher afield,” said Susan Murphy, project lead at Louth County Council. “sea louth is here to stay, and we welcome visitors year round to ‘sea, eat and admire’ what the county has to offer,” she added. “Come see where our local seafood producers land their catch, to eat out finest seafood fresh to your table and to admire the stunning coastal views along the way”.

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The trail covers the entire 70km stretch of coast, highlighting stunning scenery and the finest local seafood along the way. Featuring 14 scenic viewpoints, from Drogheda to Omeath; nine producers; and over 40 restaurants, visitors can pick up sea louth ‘passports’ from tourist offices in Drogheda, Dundalk and Carlingford – or download online - and collect uniquely designed scenic viewpoint stamps from designated collection points along the trail.

Two restaurant stamps are needed in addition to complete the passport, and can be earned by choosing a local seafood special from over 40participating restaurants the length of the trail.

Once completed, passports can be exchanged at the tourist offices for an exclusive sea louth memento.

The passport has no expiry date, meaning visitors can come back as many times as they wish and  explore the sea louth trail at their leisure.

In addition, sea louth has featured in national publications including the Irish Times, Irish Independent, Food and Wine magazine, the Irish Daily Mail, the Sunday Times and the Sunday World.

For further information about the trail and to download a sea louth passport, visit sealouth.ie.

For the latest sea louth news and updates, follow @sea_louth on Instagram and Twitter, and like @sealouth on Facebook for all the latest news and Louth travel inspiration.

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