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Green light for housing in Clogherhead



The green light has been given for a new housing development in Clogherhead.

Permission consequent has been granted to B Byrne for the demolition of an existing dwelling house and all associated outbuildings and the construction of 12 three-bedroom semi-detached dwelling houses and all associated site development works, at Drogheda Road, Clogherhead.

Richard Burke and Denise Moynagh have received permission for 1. existing building to be demolished, 2. construction of new 2 two storey dwellings, 3. construction of new garage 4. proposed new entrance gates, piers and driveway, 5. new boundary treatment to the east, west, south boundaries and part of the north boundary, 6. All associated site works, at Crooked Street, Callystown, Clogherhead.

Significant further information received on 22 April 2022 with existing building to be retained.

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An extension of duration of permission has been granted to Patrick Bruen for onversion and restoration of existing two-storey building (former stables, store and games room) to two units comprising of self-catering accommodation, installation of two individual proprietary wastewater treatment systems together with associated site development works, at Willistown House, Willistown, Drumcar.

Ballymakenny Residential Properties Limited has received permission for amendments to part (approx.3.97ha) of the development permitted under ref. no. 07/1507 (extended 18/539), as amended by ref. no. 17/310 (extended 18/540) comprising minor adjustments to the layout providing for the change of house type of 97 houses, at Yellowbatter, Ballymakenny Road, Drogheda.

The permission includes all ancillary amendments to landscaping and site development works including reconfiguration of internal road layout, omission of on-street parallel parking; provision of an ESB sub-station and an increased area of total public open space.

Sean and Linda Matthews have been granted permission for the change of use at first floor level from existing residential apartment to office use, 2 new dormer bay windows in place of existing windows at first floor level, 4 new roof windows on front (north-west elevation), 3 new roof windows on front (south-west elevation) and all associated site development works, at 1 Thomas Street, Drogheda.

Permission has been granted to Tesco Ireland Limited for ‘Click and Collect’ signage in the existing Tesco car park; construction of a sheltered canopy (c. 176 sq.m) in the existing car park for the purpose of providing 4 dedicated ‘Click and Collect’ car parking spaces and 2 dedicated ‘Click and Collect’ van parking spaces for the existing Tesco store and all associated site development works, at Tesco Extra, Matthews Lane, Donore Road, Drogheda.