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Go-ahead for houses south of town



The go-ahead has been given for new houses on the south side of Dundalk.

Louth County Council has granted permission to PJ & EJ Doherty Ltd for (a) Site excavation works to facilitate the proposed development to include general site preparation works; (b) The provision of a total of 15. Residential dwellings which will consist of the following unit mix: 2 three-bed semi-detached dwellings (house type 2a), 4 three-bed semi-detached dwellings (house type 2b), 2 three-bed terrace dwellings (terrace block type 1), 4 two-bed terrace dwellings (terrace block type 1), 1 two-bed terrace dwelling (terrace block type 7), 1 three-bed terrace dwelling (terrace block type 7); 1 three-bed terrace dwelling (terrace block type 7); (c) Provision of associated car parking.

(d) Use of and upgrade works to existing access from Cocklehill Road with associated works to facilitate vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access; (e) Provision of internal access roads, footpath and open space area to include all hard and soft landscape works with public lighting, planting and boundary treatments to include boundary walls, fencing and railings; (f) Provision of one ESB substation;. (g) Internal site works and attenuation systems to include a hydrocarbon and silt interceptor on the storm network prior to discharge to the adjacent watercourse; (h) All ancillary site development/construction works to facilitate foul, water and services networks for connection to the existing foul, water, gas, and ESB networks, at Greengates, Blackrock.

Meanwhile, Cooley Distillery has been granted permission for the abstraction of ground water and the use of that groundwater for a non-domestic purpose as process water in the manufacture of alcohol products entailing the development of three wells and all associated site development works, at Riverstown, Dundalk.

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Danny Sherry has been granted retention permission for one domestic shed/gym to rear of existing dwelling house and one garden room for domestic purposes to rear of existing dwelling house and all associated site development works, at 398 Cypress Gardens, Bay Estate, Dundalk.

Retention permission has been granted to Ontower Ireland Limited for an existing telecommunications support structure (previously granted under planning ref. no. 11/64) together with associated ground equipment cabinets and fencing, at Dundalk RFC.