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Further extension sought for housing development at Baltray



A further extension of duration of retention and permission for a housing development near Drogheda is being sought.

Agrio Limited has made a number of applications to Louth County Council in respect of a development under construction at Braghan, Baltray.

The site was granted approval previously under ref. 15/851 and 08/925 subsequently extended under 13/402 and extended under 18/675.

The revisions proposed involve minor amendments to 1 house type and the replacement of 9 houses with an alternative house type. As such, there will be no change to the overall number of dwellings currently permitted on the site (i.e. site development works to accommodate 25 detached dwellings under permission 18/675 and 2 detached dwellings under permission 15/851) with no reduction in parking or open space for the development.

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There are minor alterations to the proposed location of dwelling boundaries. There are no alterations to the road network.

The development consists of (i) Permission for retention and completion of revisions to 1 house type D consisting of altering the mono-pitch rear projection to a flat roof including amendments to material finishes of the projection, revisions to windows locations in front, rear and side elevations and reconfiguration of internal floor space.

(ii) Revisions to permitted separating boundary fences between dwellings.

(iii) Replacement of a 2 house type C with 1 house type G1 and 1 F1 2, both 2 storey end of street dwellings consisting of 2 storey 4 bed detached dwellings.

(iv) Replacement of 3 house type A with 3 house type G consisting of 2 storey 4 bedroom detached dwellings.

Replacement of 2 house type D with 2 house type F consisting of 2 storey 4 bedroom detached dwellings.

(vi) Replacement of 2 house type B1 with 2 house type G consisting of 2 storey 4 bedroom detached dwellings.

(vii) Replacement of 1 house type D2 1 with 1 house type G consisting of a 2 storey 4 bedroom dwelling.

Permission is also being sought for a development on a site extending to 3.45ha which will consist of a) demolition of existing structures on site (c.973.3sq.m) b) site development works to accommodate 25 detached dwellings with on-site parking for each dwelling (dwellings will range in height from single storey to one-and-a-half storey to two storey in height) onindividual development plots.

c) Buildings located at the junction of the Baltray - Termonfeckin Road/Promenade Road comprising 3 two storey three bedroom dwellings; 1 two storey four bedroom dwelling; a mixed use building comprising a shop with associated office and stores at ground floor level (gross floor area of 144sq.m) with 2 two bedroom apartments at first floor level, with a further 16 car parking spaces to serve this part of the site.

The main vehicular and pedestrian access will be provided off the Baltray to Termonfeckin Road (R167). There will also be pedestrian access to the development off the Promenade Road and revised vehicular access to existing dwelling to the east.

Site development works to include junctions and access roads, dropped kerbs to each of the individual dwelling plots, footpaths, grass margins, landscaping and boundary treatments, public lighting, foul and surface water drainage systems, water supply and all other related services and infrastructure.

The development also provides for off-site upgrade works to the Baltray to Termonfeckin Road (R167) for a distance of c. 220 metres at and in the vicinity of the site frontage.

Significant further information - re-alignment works to R167 (Baltray-Termonfeckin Road) for a distance of c.320 metres at and in the vicinity of the site frontage; revisions to internal roads and car parking layout; revisions to entrance of private dwelling on Promenade Road, the provision of a public lighting plan for the R167 and Promenade Road and archaeological survey of the application site.