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East Meath café Sage and Stone puts out a no pyjamas notice – ‘it’s not good enough’


Owner of Sage & Stone in Duleek Ciara Lynch Burke

Owner of Sage & Stone in Duleek Ciara Lynch Burke

Owner of Sage & Stone in Duleek Ciara Lynch Burke


Duleek café Sage and Stone have put out a notice prohibiting anyone from entering the premises wearing their pyjamas.

Ciara Burke, owner of the café, said she came back after dropping her children to school and was greeted with two customers wearing their pyjamas. 

“I just thought, this has gone to a new level now with people, what is wrong with them?”

The pair had their breakfast and then headed over to the gift shop. “Now we didn’t say anything to them, we were just chatting and they said they were on their way to the airport, flying out to New York.

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"They were obviously flying out in their pyjamas, and they didn’t see anything wrong with it,” said Ciara. “They wanted to be comfy because they might have a snooze on the plane.

“But I just thought, is this what the world has come to? That’s why I put up a post, no pyjamas and I stand by it because I’ve had a lot of controversy over it with different people online. I had to take down the post because people were getting angry with each other, I didn’t engage with them at all.

"I think people should get dressed and be presentable going out. Its ridiculous, I’ve seen people going shopping in their pyjamas, I’ve seen people going into Tesco and the chemist, and the local shop and I just think its dirty.

“I don’t think I’d like to be in a place where people are just hanging around with greasy hair and pyjamas, I’m sorry, but it’s not good enough. It’s not good enough for society, I think we should have a bit more pride in our appearance.

"I have had phone calls from people in Kerry, from all over Ireland, congratulating me for making a stand, saying they’re so sick of people, that they’ve stooped to a level that they haven’t been before, and it’s something that people might be afraid to say.”