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Dundalk Port to return to local control as Louth County Council hopes to start transfer by end of 2022



Dundalk port could come back under local ownership, after Louth County Council confirmed it hopes to be ready to begin the transfer process before the end of the year.

The port has been under the auspices of Dublin Port since 2011, and is currently operated under licence by a private company.

Cllr. Marianne Butler sought an update on Dundalk Port at the county council’s monthly meeting on Monday.

Chief Executive Joan Martin told councillors that discussions had been taking place with Dublin Port, and that risk assessments and “due diligence” was being carried out by the local authority

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She said it was hoped that they would be ready to write to the Minister before the end of the year to say that Louth County Council are ready to accept the transfer.

Cllr. John Reilly asked if the local authority were planning to operate the port on a commercial basis. He added that “no dredging has been done for at least the last fifteen years” and said that without dredging the port might be limited to smaller tonnage ships using it.

He said there were a number of issues in the Navvy Bank area, and asked if there was going to be any government funding available,

The CE said that it would be an “assets only” transfer and that certain aspects would not be transferred back to Dundalk.

She confirmed that there will be no government funding available, and added that as the port is currently operating under licence, this will continue.