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Dundalk home depicted in online video ‘entirely unconnected’ to serious sex offender

Local TD makes public appeal calling for people to stop sharing the video and remove it from online platforms


Anyone with concerns or information are being asked to contact gardai

Anyone with concerns or information are being asked to contact gardai

Anyone with concerns or information are being asked to contact gardai


Calls for local people to “stop sharing” a video which features a house entirely unconnected to a serious sex offender, emerged this week.

Dundalk TD Ruairí Ó Murchú publicly appealed for “anyone who has received this video to desist from sharing, and be aware that the house featured in it is the home of a completely innocent family who are not connected in any way.”

He hit out at the person who originally filmed the property, saying: "Whoever took this video didn’t do anyone any favours. It is not beneficial, and is putting an innocent family at risk.”

He added “The danger is that we are talking about a housing estate in Dundalk where houses and duplexes are all located very close together, and there is absolute room for confusion as to where this person, a notorious sex offender, lives.”

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The risk he said is that “if one property were to be damaged, it would impact many others.”

He said a number of people had contacted him “telling me that the house in this video isn’t even the right house.”

"The reality is that people often park their car on a street, which is not outside their home or a house they are visiting.”

Deputy Ó Murchú said that he understood “that people often share videos on a point of information, and in this case many people were sharing it to highlight that it wasn’t the right house.”

"But I would ask anyone who has shared this to desist, and anyone who has put it up on Facebook to take it down.”

He added: “A lot of information about this person is already in the public domain and the gardai do operate surveillance on sex offenders.”

"Gardai are monitoring this individual, and I ask that people contact them if they have any information or concerns.”