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Drogheda bands joining forces in aid of SOSAD

A92 and Rhythm Bombs unite to raise suicide prevention awareness


Members of Drogheda-based drill collective A92.

Members of Drogheda-based drill collective A92.

Rhythm Bombs/ Prodigy Sons Gary Fagan, Baz Black, Gordon Hatch, Jagger Murray and Wayne Wright

Rhythm Bombs/ Prodigy Sons Gary Fagan, Baz Black, Gordon Hatch, Jagger Murray and Wayne Wright


Members of Drogheda-based drill collective A92.


Two of Drogheda’s most exciting bands are joining forces to raise awareness of mental health issues.

The unlikely collaboration between the massively popular drill collective A92 and hugely talented Rhythm Bombs/ Prodigy Sons have penned separate singles for a double A-side release, with proceeds going to SOSAD (Save Our Sons and Daughters).

There will also be a hotly anticipated gig in the TLT on October 23rd, tickets for which are €15, again going to support the charity.

“We were contacted by SOSAD and asked to contribute with the form of creativity that we do which is music, and last year, we helped out with the Drogheda Homeless Aid, so we were eager to help out the community again in any way we can,” says A92 manager Joel Safo. “With the pandemic and everything, donations were reduced, and we hope this will help them out with their fundraising.”

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He hopes that any influence they may have with young people will make a difference, especially as the lockdowns had an effect of everyone’s mental health.

‘Even some of the rappers, their friends were going through a lot of mental health issues, so it was something that’s not just for certain individuals, it’s universal,” he adds. “We haven’t met the other band yet, but we will get together soon and see what happens, as though we are very different styles, music can unite.”

A92 are using producers C2 (Charles Abako) and Andre Fazaz, who is a singer/rapper, as well as rappers BT and DBO.

“Our song is called ‘Champion’ and it was made in Drogheda, for Drogheda, so we’re very happy to be part of it,” says Joel. “It is a motivational song; there is tough times that’s gonna happen, but you have to overcome them by speaking to people, like SOSAD.

“We also mention that strong little girl Amelia (Donnelly) in the song, to show you can overcome things if you keep pushing. I listened to the song, and I don’t mind telling you, I cried; it’s very emotional.”

Gary Fagan is the keyboard player and manager for local Prodigy tribute band Prodigy Sons, who are also recording original music now under the name Rhythm Bombs, who will be performing their single for SOSAD.

“It was Nicola Bedford who roped us in, as she does for so many great charity events in the town,” says Gary with a laugh. “She approached us a while back saying she could get the A92 lads to do something, and we came up with the idea of two singles, with all proceeds going to SOSAD.”

Like the A92 lads, Gary says they are big supporters of SOSAD, and has worked a lot with them in the past.

“I know the Moroney family really well, and when we did our first Prodigy Sons gig in the Crescent in March 2019, we donated €1,000 to SOSAD, as well as to Ella Hewitt,” he explains. “Keith Flint (lead singer of The Prodigy) died by suicide and particularly after COVID, I think organisations like SOSAD need a lot of support, as it’s not an easy world to live in at the moment.”

Gary is joined in the band by Jagger Murray - Lead Guitar, Baz Black - Drums , Wayne Wright – Vocals and Gordon Hatch – Vocals.

As well as raising funds, he says it is a great opportunity for the Rhythm Bombs to release their debut single.

“We had been looking towards early next year to release our first EP, but this has jumped in ahead of it, and we decided to use one of our previously written tracks called ‘Fight’,” he explains. “We’re working hard on it and are really pleased with it. Our band comes from very different backgrounds, influenced by punk, metal, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy, so it’s a mish-mash of everything.”

Whilst A92 and Rhythm Bombs aren’t recording a joint track, it’s not something that is being ruled out in the future!

“I would love to do that; I think the two styles potentially could work well together, and it isn’t possible now to get that to work, but maybe we can get together, even before the show in October, and see what happens,” says Gary. “Perhaps we could even do something together on the night, who knows?”

SOSAD Ireland was founded by Peter Moroney in 2006 after his son Simon died by suicide. It currently has six offices based in Cavan, Louth, Meath and Monaghan.

A92 have a sold-out headline gig in the Academy in Dublin on October 22nd and The Prodigy Sons have a gig in the Grand Social Dublin on Halloween night.

The ‘Into the Light’ joint gig between A92 and Rhythm Bombs will take place in the TLT on Saturday October 23rd, with tickets priced at €15 available from the theatre. www.thetlt.ie.