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Dirty water flows to homes in Dundalk as questions raised on public water supply


Dirty water flowing from a kitchen tap in Park Street

Dirty water flowing from a kitchen tap in Park Street

Dirty water flowing from a kitchen tap in Park Street


Cases of discoloured tap water are being reported once again in the centre of Dundalk today.

A video of a kitchen tap in the Park Street area, which was left running for over a minute, shows the dirty water which continued to flow.

The poor condition of mains water, which has been reported in a number of areas in the town over the last year, appeared to have been resolved after an extensive flushing of the network in 2021.

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But, local businesses have been highlighting the impact of ongoing issues.

“It has been pretty bad again this morning,” said Noel Byrne, Proprietor at Kingfisher, Park Street.

"There have been a lot of problems with the water over the last while, which are affecting businesses like ours. We just couldn’t serve the water this morning to customers, it was that bad.”

He added that there had been “no notice given” of any planned flushing, which he could prepare for.

"If we get word there are going to be problems with the water, at least we can fill up some containers, and plan ahead. But there was nothing from Irish Water this time.”

He added: “It does impact day to day business, customers are more often now asking for a jug or a glass of water when they order food, which we’re happy to do. But we have to use bottled water when it’s like this.”

The Argus have highlighted the issue with Irish Water, and are awaiting a response.