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Dip in The Nip organiser Karen Healy has helped drive the fun-packed Louth fundraiser for 12 years


Organiser Karen Healy (second from right) helps cut the long-awaited 10th anniversary NE Dip in the Nip cake!

Organiser Karen Healy (second from right) helps cut the long-awaited 10th anniversary NE Dip in the Nip cake!

Organiser Karen Healy (second from right) helps cut the long-awaited 10th anniversary NE Dip in the Nip cake!


Karen Healy has been integral to the annual dip for the past 12 years and explains the background behind this fun event which has raised thousands for charity.

The founder of the Dip is Maire Garvey, who started it in Sligo back in 2009, must be now very proud to see how much it has grown.

Dips now take place in, Wexford, Cork, Galway, Dublin, Sligo, and the Northeast, which have raised hundreds of thousands of euros for all kinds of cancer charities.

Who takes part in the Northeast dip in the nip you may ask?

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The answer is simply, ladies from all around the country and for all kinds of reasons - some are recovering from cancer, some are supporting loved ones who are going through treatments, and then there were the ladies who were doing it to support Liz Summersby and the team from the Northeast Oncology Unit Drogheda. In general people do the dip because they want to be part of the fight against cancer.

This year the Northeast saw dippers come in the hundreds and raised tens of thousands of euros, money is still being donated, and it’s not too late for anyone who would like to also donate, the Oncology charity NECRET would be delighted - so far Sunday's dip has € 51,000 collected, and still counting the online donations.

The Northeast dip now in its 13th year and as we were unable to celebrate our 10th anniversary, this year with the help and support of very generous people they were able to throw an unexpected belated 10-year party on the beach.

We have fond memories of the first dip In 2010, where just 37 dippers had turned up in the Westcourt Hotel.

GM Valerie Sherlock took very good care of us - she even gave us a packed picnic to take to the beach, until a few years later Peter Grimes from Rumbles took up the challenge and came to our rescue and brought some Rumbles vans to the beach.

Moving on to 2016 our dip had started to get international recognition as a charity fundraiser, because we got a phone call from cricketer Freddie Flintoff and Rob Penn from the Sky television show “Freddie Frys Again”.

They wanted to know if could come and cook us some chips because that’s what the show was about, cooking chips from a van at unusual locations of interest, and of course it was the first time they had ever heard of a “Dip in the Nip”.

Well can I tell you we had such fun with them, Freddie is such a hunk that all the ladies wanted photos with him, but of course, the photos happened after they were dressed!

This is also a good time to let people know where your donation goes.

When trying to achieve the highest quality of cancer care, funding is required for supporting top-quality training to help medical staff treating cancer patients be the very best they can be.

The funding can enhance the support and care provided to cancer patients by the unit to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

The money raised is funding state-of-the-art equipment to help the clinicians remain at the very forefront of the fight against cancer.

It is also contributing to much-needed clinical cancer research into new treatment methodologies”.

Donations can still be made by contacting Carian on 086 7773294.