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Darragh’s great life in Barbados


I came across two great images recently, real Drogheda Utd legends from the tea room days, Kathleen Callan is pictured here with Greg O'Dowd.

I came across two great images recently, real Drogheda Utd legends from the tea room days, Kathleen Callan is pictured here with Greg O'Dowd.

Theresa Leech with Greg O'Dowd

Theresa Leech with Greg O'Dowd

Darragh Everard

Darragh Everard


I came across two great images recently, real Drogheda Utd legends from the tea room days, Kathleen Callan is pictured here with Greg O'Dowd.


Darragh Everard from Julianstown certainly made one great move this year.

The Barbados tourism section were only too willing to highight his decision to take advantage of the Barbados Welcome Stamp visa and moved to the Caribbean Island for 12 months, where he’s been able to manage the launch of his new Irish business remotely from paradise.

Co-founder of Eirkoo, a Dublin-based recruitment firm operating in the fields of Accountancy, Finance, Insurance, Compliance, Wealth Management, and Office Support, Darragh is enjoying the digital nomad life, working remotely, and managing the launch of his business, Cantillon.

Established by Darragh and Eirkoo Co-Founders, Niall Hamill and John Mansell, the aim of Cantillon is to provide candidates with a career move that will allow them to earn more money and experience a new way of life. Launching in September 2021, Cantillon is an international search firm that specialises in the relocation and ‘in location’ placement of professionals across the Middle East, Channel Islands, Monaco, Gibraltar, The Caribbean, and Bermuda.

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He says, “The Barbados Welcome Stamp gives me the opportunity to explore the Caribbean and be able to give our candidates a first-hand viewpoint on the difference between the different islands. We will be recruiting across the Channel Islands, Monaca, Gibraltar, and the Middle East but we envisage the Caribbean and Bermuda being the most in-demand location”.

Of course, the island of Barbados is known for its beautiful beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and year-round good weather, which also attracted Darragh. He says, “From a personal perspective, Barbados has a tropical climate all year round, a vibrant sporting and social scene, and very welcoming locals.”

Darragh explains, “I was granted my Welcome Stamp within 2 weeks of applying. The process was very straightforward. I had some questions that the relevant government authorities were very helpful and prompt in attending to. There are a couple of online sources of information that make the move an informed one.”

For more information, visit www.visitbarbados.org.

Mairead is a busy woman

OUR European Commissioner Mairead McGuinness is a pretty busy woman these days, heading to France for major meetings recently.

She remarked, “Paris is the location for two key agencies in my role as Financial Services Commissioner – the European Banking Authority and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) - so it was great to meet with the leadership of both bodies. Last but not least - one of the highlights of the visit was meeting with students from the Institution Jeanne d’Arc in Montrouge who asked me about my role, EU policies, and their concerns for the future.”

When John Connolly became rugby legend

I was reading about a wonderful Drogheda RFC under 17 success dating back to May 1984. They were playing Tullamore in the Culliton Cup final .

A try in the last minute of injury time by wing forward John Connolly, gave them the win and what a big thrill for the local lads to achieve this at Lansdowne Road, the home of Irish rugby, before a crowd of 15,000 who had gathered to watch the Senior Cup final.

It was the grit and determination of the Drogheda side which finally brought victory against the superior height and weight of their Tullamore opponents by a goal and two tries t a try and two penalty goals (14-10). Man of the match was Drogheda scrum-half, Shane Winters, who scored two tries but it was really a team performance that clinched Drogheda’s first-ever win in the competition. Especially outstanding were Drogheda’s forwards and in particuar there were fine displays by Robert McGivern and John Connolly. In the backs, Andrew Grennan, James Carr and full back Garry Downey shone.

It was a victory for Drogheda’s youth administrator, Ken Spellman, who has been the mainstay of juvenile rugby in the club since he initiated it 10 years previously, and for coach Eamonn Duffy, who put the side through some intense training during the weeks preceding the game.

Drogheda: G. Downey, R. Berney, T. Mallon, N. Pigott G. Brown, J.Carr, S. Winters J. McGahey, F. Downes, H. James (capt), A. Griffin, R. McGovem, J. Flanagan, J. Connolly, A. Grennan. Repl. J. Donnolly for J. McGahey.

Check out the Tramyard vibes

THERE is a great new musical movement on the go in the region - an Irish ‘collective’ called Tramyard and they have just released their follow-up single ‘End Of The Line’ following their much talked about debut.

Put together by accomplished pianist, musical director and producer Steve Milne, Tramyard is a ‘collective’ band, made up of seasoned professional musicians who wanted to explore styles that didn’t fall within their normal remit.

Featuring musicians Kevin Logue, Aoife Cunningham, Steve Milne, Mary Duff, Jordan Mogey, Des Lacey, Ciara Cunningham, Stuart Gray and Marty McDermott, the group are following up on the success of their debut single ‘People Puttin’ People Down’ which also forms part of “The Dusty Diary Sessions”. The song exceeded the expectations of all involved, after receiving strong coverage on RTE, BBC, Hot Press Magazine and many radio stations across Ireland, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and being released by international label AGR-TV Records, based in Germany. Tramyard recorded the track live in the studio.

Commenting on the new single, Steve Milne said; “All of the musicians involved in Tramyard were really happy with the success of the first single, ‘People Puttin’ People Down’ but ultimately we get together and play this kind of music because it’s what we love to do.”

“Like us, the Travelling Wilburys were a collective of musicians from a range of different styles, who got together just for the fun of jamming together and produced some really great songs along the way, ‘End of the Line’ being one of them.

WaterWipes winners again

THE success of WaterWipes shows no signs of slowing down.

At the recent NPPA awards, they won not one but SEVEN awards for WaterWipes biodegradable original baby wipes and WaterWipes biodegradable wipes for weaning. The National Parenting Products Awards is Ireland’s only independently verified consumer awards of products and services for families.

What a great triumph.