Louth man (22) answered advert to transfer money

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The Argus

A 22-year-old man who allowed his bank account to be used by a third party for the transfer of money, has been remanded on continuing bail for a probation report.

Adam Mostyn, Dundoogan, Heynestown, Dundalk, pleaded guilty to two money laundering charges in amounts of €11,309 and €1,000 at Bank of Ireland, Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk, on 17 August 2021.

The court heard that he responded to an advertisement on Snapchat to get involved in this offending for which he was offered 10% of the proceeds.

Court presenter Sgt Jimmy McGovern said that on 21 August 2021 a woman reported fraud of her account. She ‘lost control’ of it and €11,309 was unlawfully withdrawn.

This money had been withdrawn and then deposited in the defendant’s account in Dundalk on 17 August. A further €1,000 was deposited with the message, ‘Yo, homie’. Sgt McGovern said this was understood to be Mr Mostyn’s fee.

He admitted providing his bank details to a third party.

Solicitor Ciarán Hughes said his client showed naivety in answering a Snapchat advertisement.

He was particularly keen to deal with the case. He was ‘very lucky’ the bank had intervened.

Having accepted jurisdiction, Judge McKiernan said that in view of the defendant’s age and no previous convictions she would seek a probation report before finalisation.

Mr Mostyn was remanded on continuing bail to 7 June.