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Judge demands €2,000 compensation from Louth man who had ‘no knowledge’ of assault until he saw CCTV footage


Dundalk Court.

Dundalk Court.

Dundalk Court.


A 25-year-old man who committed an unprovoked assault has been told to return to court with €2,000 compensation for his victim.

Graham Cairns, Racecourse Road, Dundalk, pleaded guilty to assaulting another man causing him harm in Park Street on 31 January last.

A medical report and photographs were handed in to the judge and evidence was given that the injured party sustained a cut left eye and chipped tooth.

He testified that he missed work over the following days because of hospital appointments. His face and mouth were affected physically, and it took up to two-and-a-half weeks for him to recover.

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The DPP had directed summary disposal of the matter.

Court presenter Sgt Jimmy McGovern said that at 12.25am gardaí received a report of an incident outside the Golden Chopsticks which had been picked up on the town cameras.

The injured man said he had been assaulted by Mr Cairns. He told the guards it was unprovoked and that he had no idea who the other man was.

The defendant had no previous convictions.

Solicitor Catherine Taaffe said the men didn’t know each other. Her client had been drinking and had no knowledge of what happened until the footage was shown to him.

He wanted to apologise. Mr Cairns was not working and was seeking time to get compensation.

Judge McKiernan remarked that he was walking in 12 months later ‘with one arm as long as the other’.

Ms Taaffe said the defendant was struggling having been in a fatal traffic accident.

The judge said so was the victim (struggling). It was unacceptable that a man on a night out was assaulted.

‘If there is no compensation I will deal with this very seriously. Look at the photographs.’

Judge McKiernan said she wanted ‘significant’ compensation and when Ms Taaffe asked the court for guidance on a figure the judge said €2,000 as a token.

Mr Cairns was remanded on continuing bail to 8 February for that purpose.