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Council confirm no funding for north Louth water mains


Parts of north Louth are not connected to the mains water supply

Parts of north Louth are not connected to the mains water supply

Parts of north Louth are not connected to the mains water supply


The lack of mains water supply to parts of north Louth was raised at the monthly meeting of Louth County Council.

Cllr. John Reilly, who has been campaigning on the mains water issue in Kilcurry and Faughart for some time, told the meeting that a site has been identified at Balregan for a pumping station.

He said that Minister Peter Burke had visited the area recently and had spoken of funds being made available for new water facilities.

"This is a long running issue over many decades. I would ask the council to use any monies available.”

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He said that Faughart and Kilcurry are three and a half kilometres away from County Hall, and no mains water is available, whereas Tallanstown is over 15 kilometres away and it is connected to the mains water supply.

He appealed for “political will” to “make it happen”, adding that in the summer water can run low which causes difficulties for homes and businesses.

The council heard that the national fund is specifically for wastewater treatment schemes only, and not mains water supplies.

Meanwhile Cllr. John Reilly asked if there was a timeline for the flushing of the water network in Dundalk. He told the meeting that it serves large parts of mid Louth, and it was important this be carried out to prevent any water issues that had arisen last year.

The meeting heard that targeted flushing is planned for the Dundalk network in the coming weeks.

Cllr.Pearse McGeough asked if there was a date for completion of the Greenmount treatment plant.

Officials confirmed they will seek an update from Irish Water on the completion of the plant.

Chairman, Cllr. Pio Smith also asked if the council could get some clarity from Irish Water about the supply in Marian Park, Drogheda, where he said there were issues being reported “every few weeks.”