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Cllr Fiacra Mac Raghnaill to stand down from Louth County Council

Labour convention to elect successor to take place on February 16th


Cllr Fiachra Mac Raghnaill is stepping down from Louth County Council.

Cllr Fiachra Mac Raghnaill is stepping down from Louth County Council.

Cllr Fiachra Mac Raghnaill is stepping down from Louth County Council.


Drogheda Councillor Fiachra Mac Raghnaill has announced he will stand down from Louth County Council. He was co-opted in 2020 to replace Paul Bell on the former Mayor’s appointment to the Labour Court.

Fiachra is one of a strong four-member team of Labour Councillors which also comprises the Mayor of Drogheda Cllr. Michelle Hall, Cllr. Pio Smith and Cllr. Elaine McGinty (Meath County Council).

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“I would like to thank the Labour Party for affording me the opportunity to represent Drogheda at council level, in particular Cllr Pio Smith for his sage advice and guidance,” said Cllr Mac Raghnaill.

“In my time in the role I have learned how the council works and more importantly how it does not which will prove invaluable in my future community work.

He especially thanked Paddy Donnelly and Mark Johnson of Louth County Council ‘whose experience and willingness to problem solve were key to my achieving many positive results on issues brought to them’.

“I would call on my fellow Drogheda councillors to continue the spirit of cooperation and non-partisan politics I hope I have encouraged and which is slowly improving our town,” he added.

“To the citizens of Drogheda who stop me on West Street or in their locals to give out about the state of things please never stop. It is the second best way to achieve change. The areas of the town with the highest voter turnout know what the first is.”

Deputy Ged Nash expressed his thanks to the departing councillor, paying tribute to his short time on the council.

“I want to sincerely thank Fiachra for his service on the Council. He will continue to be active in our Party and will continue to campaign and advocate for real change as a Party, trade union and a first-class community activist.” said Deputy Nash.

“The Party has commenced the process to elect a successor to Fiachra. A selection convention will take place on February 16 and all Drogheda-based Labour members of at least six months standing will have a right to stand, to nominate candidates and to vote.”