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Careless driver was on her way back to her Bettystown home to get a baby’s bottle


Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom

Decorative Scales of Justice in the Courtroom


A 37-year-old motorist who came to the attention of a garda was then followed to her house by the officer after she told him she had to get home to feed her baby a bottle, Drogheda Court has heard.

Nicola Black, The Dale, Whitefield Hall, Bettystown, was accused of dangerous driving on the R132, Dublin Road, Drogheda, on 12 February last.

However, gardaí and the court accepted her plea of guilty to the lesser charge of careless driving.

Barrister Ronan O’Carroll said the guard took issue with the manner of his client’s parking, saying she was on a double yellow line.

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The defendant complained to the garda that he was on a double yellow line, adding that her baby needed a bottle.

Mr O’Carroll continued that it was not a high-speed pursuit. Nicola Black had said she was going back to her house to get the bottle.

Evidence was given that the guard encountered her in Dyer Street, Drogheda. He knew she was a learner driver.

She went up the Dublin Road and overtook traffic on hash markings.

The defendant was aware she was being followed. When they arrived in Bettystown, the officer saw two unrestrained children in the back of her vehicle.

‘I’m not happy with that driving,’ Judge McKiernan remarked but she said if the prosecuting garda was satisfied she would reduce the charge.

There were no previous convictions.

The defendant was fined €200 for careless driving. The court used its discretion not to impose a disqualification.