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Call for meeting with Dundalk’s Halliday Mills stakeholders


Halliday Mills Dundalk

Halliday Mills Dundalk

Halliday Mills Dundalk


Calls for stakeholders in the Halliday Mills apartment complex to meet emerged at the Dundalk Joint Policing Committee (JPC) meeting last week.

Cllr. Kevin Meenan told members that he had been calling for a meeting to be held to discuss issues of concerns at the complex, particularly incidents of anti social behaviour.

He said the council’s Chief Executive indicated that the local authority would not attend a meeting, but revealed that Co-Operative Housing Ireland, who manage the facility, were keen to see the meeting held at a JPC session.

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"We hope to involve local gardai, tenants, councillors and Co-Operative Housing Ireland at a meeting of stakeholders.”

JPC member John Temple welcomed moves for a joint approach to tackling the issues raised at Halliday Mills. He added that this could be a template for other new estates, as many are under the management of voluntary housing bodies.

Cllr. Maeve Yore also proposed that measures to tackle anti social behaviour generally are upgraded, adding “Taxpayers are, frankly, sick of picking up the tab.”

Supt. Charlie Armstrong told the meeting that gardai had been very active in and around the area in recent weeks.