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Call for Irish Water to appear before next Dundalk council meeting


Cllr. Sean Kelly

Cllr. Sean Kelly

Cllr. Sean Kelly


A Dundalk councillor has called on Irish Water to appear before the next meeting of the Municipal District Committee to answer questions about ongoing water discolouration across the town.

Cllr. Sean Kelly has written to the chairman of Dundalk Municipal District, Kevin Meenan saying: “Given the prevalence of the above issue once again this year can I propose that we ask for a deputation from Irish Water to come before our next Municipal District meeting and address our concerns relating to water quality within the town and surrounding area.”

He highlighted a number of issues which he said “need to be addressed” including “The ongoing works at Cavan Hill and how long the system will need to be flushed to clear all the remaining sediment and what areas are outstanding” and “Why the brown water is persisting in some areas long after the period of flushing as we have been advised has concluded.

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He highlighted “Why some areas have had water issues for several months now with no adequate response from Irish Water,” and asked: “Why has this become a serious issue in recent years and what caused the situation to change that this is now becoming an annual event?”

Cllr. Kelly said that Irish Water should be asked about “ plans to avoid this going forward for next year and if they would consider a better communication strategy in the run up to flushing works to alleviate public concern?”

He added that although there is an Irish Water clinic offered in advance of meetings of Louth County Council “I believe the level of public concern about the water issue from our constituents in Dundalk require this to be a formal presentation followed by a question-and-answer session at our next meeting.”

The Argus has been contacted by a number of residents over the last week, highlighting frequent water discolouration events.

One householder, living in Doylesfort Road said it was “impossible to use the water coming out of the tap” and added that he had to start buying bottled water.

"This is going back over the last year really, but it has gotten very bad this summer.”

He said he had contacted Irish Water but was told there were no works, or flushing of the network, in this area.