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Bellurgan residents to protest outside Dundalk Town Hall over need for traffic calming measures


Protesters in Bellurgan blocked traffic as part of their campaign for ramps

Protesters in Bellurgan blocked traffic as part of their campaign for ramps

Protesters in Bellurgan blocked traffic as part of their campaign for ramps


Parents and residents from Bellurgan who have been protesting outside the local primary school to highlight the need for traffic calming measures including speed ramps are to take their campaign to the Town Hall in Dundalk.

They are planning to stage a protest outside the Town Hall ahead of the Municipal District of Dundalk’s meeting later today, Tuesday July 5th.

To date, the group has staged a number of protests outside the school on the busy R173 Dundalk to Carlingford Road.

On two occasions parents and children brought morning traffic to a standstill as they walked from the Little Nippers Playschool to Bellurgan Utd football pitch and back.

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Now the community are bringing the protest into town as they plead with the local authority to install ramps and other traffic calming measures on road.

“It’s not just a protest by parents but by the whole whole community,” says Kevin Cullen. “We have got great support from the community and we are going to continue until we get what we want.”

He points to the fact that just a few miles along the road, there are ramps outside the St Patrick’s GAA grounds and clubhouse, the playground, the primary school and preschool in Lordship.

“That's what we want. We want ramps to slow down the traffic going past the preschool, the school, the football pitch and shop. It’s an issue that affects everyone using that road.”

He said the group is not going to stop its campaign just because the school holidays have started.

‘We are not going away.  On our first protest we stopped the traffic for 15 minutes. Last week we stopped it for half an hour and next time we protest on the road it will be for longer.”

A deputation from the group outlined their fears that there will be a fatal accident unless adequate traffic calming measures are put in place when they attended the May meeting of the Dundalk Municipal District.

The matter was also raised at the Cooley Community Alert’s public meeting earlier in the spring.

At last month's Dundalk Municipal District meeting, Director of Service Catherine Duff ruled  out the possibility of installing ramps, saying there were alternatives. She also commented that the group should contact the gardai as speeding was an enforcement issue.

The council did commit to putting speed counters in place once resurfacing work is completed on Bellurgan straight this summer.