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Ardee housing plans



There are plans for a new residential development in Ardee.

Cyril O’Brien has applied to Louth County Council for permission for demolition of existing buildings and structures on site including 3 existing dwelling houses at 57 Irish Street, (fronting onto Irish Street; 9 Rogan’s Lane, fronting onto Rogan’s Lane/Markethouse Lane and 10 Rogan’s Lane (fronting onto Rogan’s Lane/Markethouse Lane).

Construction of a total of 10 new apartment dwelling units consisting of 7 two-bedroom units and three one-bedroom.

The units are located in 2 three storey blocks (Block A and Block B). Block A, fronting onto Irish Street, is a three storey plus pitched roof structure consisting of 2 two-bedroom duplex apartments and 2 one-bedroom. Apartment Block B, fronting onto Rogan’s Lane (Markethouse Lane), is a three storey plus pitched roof structure consisting of 3 two-bedroom duplex apartments, 1 one-bedroom duplex apartment and 2 one-bedroom apartments.

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Also, all ancillary hard and soft landscaping works, bicycle storage areas, refuse storage areas, site services and site development works.

Retention permission is being sought by John Gallagher for a storage shed formed by roofing and enclosing area between two previously existing sheds, at Old Slane Road, Collon.

John Morgan and Stephanie Crinion are seeking retention and completion of works comprising of (A) external works to a two storey rear extension; (B) internal works to same extension consisting of kitchen, utility room, bathroom; (C) provision of second storey bedroom fire escape and associated rear balcony over new extension and (D) 2nd floor bathroom.

Permission has been applied for (E) removal of existing aluminium framed windows to the front elevation to be replaced with timber sash windows and (F) removal of existing external cement render to the front elevation and replacement with lime render, and all associated works, at 18 Church Lane, Drogheda.

Ingredients Supermarket Ltd is seeking permission for the removal of existing signage and replacement with proposed new signage to existing shop front and all associated site works, at Unit 13, Former Flogas Premises, Dublin Road, Stameen, Drogheda.

Retention permission is being sought by Philip Finlay for a portal frame shed for agricultural use only, also extended field entrance along with new access lane to facilitate the parking of a lorry, at Mountrush, Ardee.

Rossenole Ltd has applied for permission for the change of use from doctor’s surgery and medical consultancy rooms to social care/respite facility at Sheelin, North Road, Mell, Drogheda.