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After years of living with pain, Treasa has had enough


Treasa Rushe-Carroll. Photo: Aidan Dullaghan/Newspics

Treasa Rushe-Carroll. Photo: Aidan Dullaghan/Newspics

Treasa Rushe-Carroll. Photo: Aidan Dullaghan/Newspics


“I just can’t live like this anymore,” says Dundalk woman Treasa Rushe-Carroll, who has set up a Go-Fund Me page to help her travel abroad for medical treatment

The 30 year-old is no stranger to pain and heartache but says that she has had enough and wants to get on with her life

She endured the loss of her baby daughter Catherine ,who was just nine weeks old,  in 2018 after undergoing an emergency C-section when she was diagnosed with  pre-eclampsia while 24 weeks pregnant.

“Since then, I have not been physically or mentally well a single day,” she says.  “I never stopped bleeding after Cat's birth and now finally I have been diagnosed with severe adenomyosis and suspected endometriosis. I live every day with debilitating pain and bleeding.”

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Both conditions involve the lining of the womb and traditionally, removal the uterus, a hysterectomy, was offered as a cure.

As a young woman, however, Treasa says that she has been told that preserving her fertility in a priority, even though she and her husband have decided that she is not going to risk going through another pregnancy.

She has carried out extensive research into the condition, and says that a hysterectomy is no longer regarded as the best option.

"I have run out of non-surgical options here in Ireland. I was put into a chemically induced menopause last year and that didn't work. My body has rejected all treatments.”

In addition, Treasa also suffers  from a rare brain illness called Ideopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH).

"This basically means I have an increase of brain fluid that causes havoc such as migraines, dizziness, fainting and loss of vision. It isn't a very well understood illness, and my treatments have included lumbar punctures, nerve blocking injections into my skull, and strong medication."

A side effect of having IIH is that she can't tolerate medications given for pain relief which means that she suffers terribly from the symptoms stemming from endometriosis.

"I can't take any pain relief and it's hell. I spend most of my time in bed which isn't what someone my age should be doing.”

"I joined a support forum and did a lot of research as I want science,” she says

She discovered that laparoscopic surgery, which isn’t readily available in Ireland, would be the best option to relieve her symptoms.

“I looked up European specialists and came across an endometriosis excision specialist in Bucharest so I got in touch with him.”

The surgeon has agreed to take her on, but now she is faced with the task of raising enough money to cover the cost of the treatment, accommodation and travel.

“It will cost between €9,000 - €12,0000, money that I have no way to access as I’m unable to work.”

With surgery scheduled for July 28th, she has set up a GoFundMe page to help her raise the necessary money.

"As Stephen works in the civil service, as did I, so we joined the Public Service Friendly Society  when we started working. They have given us a grant to help me get treatment and we are so grateful to them. We are also going to get a Credit Union loan but we still have a shortfall which is why I've set up this appeal.”

“This trip to Bucharest is vital, if I want to regain any quality of life, even a little. I've been living like this for years now, and I just can't continue.”