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Louth County Council priority is quality housing...even in unfinished estates


Cllr. Edel Corrigan.

Cllr. Edel Corrigan.

Cllr. Edel Corrigan.


Sinn Fein Councillor Edel Corrigan queried the practice of allocating social housing in unfinished estates at Louth County Council’s monthly meeting this week.

She was particularly concerned with phased developments where the first section wasn’t complete, but the council had housed people in the second and subsequent phases of an estate.

She said Coulter Place on the Armagh Road was one such example.

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“There seems to be a lot of issues with the first phase and it’s been going on quite a few years.

“Additional phases have since been completed, including social housing and the tenants are passing through the first phase which has no footpath, no street lights, no safe traffic management and the public park and play area is not finished.

“I would ask why we are purchasing houses from a developer when the first phase is not complete.”

Cllr Corrigan added that, to compound matters, there is no longer central government unfinished estate funding that can be drawn down.

In response, director of servives, Paddy Donnelly, said the council’s priority is to get access to quality housing as quickly as possible. He said he was satisifed that works will be carried out, but that the priority in the current climate is to get people housed.