New homes planned for Castletown Road

The Argus

There are plans for new houses and apartment on Castletown Road, Dundalk.

Gerard McDonnell has applied to Louth County Council for permission for 34 dwelling units, at Townspark.

They copmprise 1 terrace of 6 dwellings, 2 terraces each consisting of 3 dwellings, 2 semi-detached dwellings, 1 terrace consisting of 4 dwellings, 2 ground floor one-bed apartments and 2 three-bed duplexes and 2 apartment blocks each consisting of 3 ground floor one-bed apartments and 3 three-bed duplexes, internal access road, landscaping, car parking, boundary treatments, drainage works and all associated site development works.

Outline permission sought by Noel Rooney for 2 dwelling houses and associated site development works, at Knocknagoran, Omeath.

Deane Penny seeks permission for a mixed residential development comprising of 5 dwellings on a site of c.0.2426 hectares, at Knocknagoran, Omeath.

All dwellings are provided with private amenity space in the form of private gardens.

The 5 dwellings consist of 2 House Type OMI (Terraced, three-bed two-storey dwellings); House Type OM2 (Terraced, three-bed two-storey dwellings); 1 House Type OM3 (Detached, five-bed two-and-a-half storey dwelling).

Vehicular access to the proposed development will be via the rear of the existing Ardán Gentili housing. The development includes the provision of new vehicular parking, EV charging point, public and communal/play spaces with associated landscaping, new boundary treatments, in-curtilage parking, new footpaths, foul and surface water drainage, watermains, alterations to the existing site levels, retaining walls, all associated/ancillary landscaping and site development works.

Permission sought by Mark Hughes for a two-storey dwelling house, installation of a wastewater treatment system/percolation area and all associated site development works, at Newtownbalregan, Dundalk.

Gerard McKay has applied for permission for demolition of an existing single storey extension to the rear elevation of an existing dwelling house, and to replace with a two-storey extension to the rear of the dwelling house and all associated site works, at 37 Saint Alphonsus Road, Dundalk.

Permission sought by Hugh Barton for development on the grounds of Nucella Lodge, Knocknagoran, Omeath, identified as a Protected Structure Ref. No. LHS005- 068 and NIAH Ref. 13833012, to comprise new caretaker’s dwellinghouse ancillary to the guest house granted under planning ref. no. 2242 and all associated siteworks.

Mary Hamill seeks retention permission for alterations and extensions to an existing dwelling; detached domestic garage; external WC; external domestic store and associated site development works, at Dungooley, Kilcurry, Dundalk.

Mary and Ivor Martin have applied for permission for change of use of two outbuildings to two dwellinghouses, raising of roof and relocation of walls of existing domestic shed to provide domestic gym/workshop, construction of new domestic double garage and all associated site development works, at ‘Sonacherra’, Avenue Road, Dundalk.

Conor Matthews seeks permission for alterations to an existing single storey dwelling to include a two-storey extension to the rear, a new domestic garage and all associated site development works, at Dromiskin.

Francis Byrne and Jacqueline Cronogue are seeking permission for minor alterations to the front elevation of the existing dwelling house, the provision of a single storey extension to the rear of the property, a new wastewater treatment system and percolation area inclusive of all associated site development works, at Drumgowna, Corcreaghy.

Neil Myles has applied for the change of use of the existing doctor’s surgery to a residential dwelling house at the known address of The Surgery, Commons, Louth Village, Dundalk, and all associated works.

Roger Bell is seeking planning permission for conversion of existing outhouses to home office, gym, and studio, and associated site works, at Muchgrange, Greenore.