Crosscause continue their good work

Conor Hughes at the opening

The Argus

As the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc and take lives with now Ireland and the European continent suffering heaviest from it, the good that local based charity Crosscause has brought to needy parts of the world continues.

It is just after opening a new eye clinic in Ghana to provide a much needed facility and offer treatments and eye services in respect of which this part of West Africa lagged badly behind western society.

The charity has built a brand new building to house the clinic with medical equipment including three eye microscopes obtained from the Mater hospital, two for use in the clinic, and one donated to a different clinic.

The clinic will enable cataract removals to be undertaken and the distribution of glasses and medicine from it.

The location of the clinic will reduce the distance that those in the Volta region where it is based will have to travel to avail of the services.

The cost of the construction of the clinic was met by Crosscause's Italian partners.

A container was transported from Ireland with essential equipment to fit it out. It included glasses, test machines, beds, bandaging and the three eye microscope machines.

Local dignitaries attended the official opening of the clinic at which Conor Hughes, local co-founder of the charity was present having travelled over from home.

He went over to meet the container at the docks and distribute all the contents! These included also schools books, sewing machines, an incubator from Cork hospital, a tractor/plough from the men's shed in Westport! Loads of medical and educational goods were also donated to take over to Ghana.

Founded in 2003, CrossCause was, set up by dedicated volunteers working with special needs orphans in Romania. It expanded its work and activities into Eastern Europe and West Africa.

The charity is staffed by self funding volunteers, and ensures that donors where funds are spent are provided with precise and transparent information.

From the outset the charity's efforts in Ghana has been concentrated on assisting in the educational sphere and improving health and hygiene facilities. This has resulted in the construction of school extensions, scholarships for students and the provision of basic toilet facilities.