Concerns raised about stability of Anaverna Bridge in Ravensdale

Cllr John Reilly at the bridge in Anaverna

Margaret RoddyThe Argus

Cllr John Reilly has expressed safety concerns for large vehicles crossing the bridge at Anaverna in Ravensdale.

Cllr Reilly, who drives an oil tanker on a part-time basis, raised the issue at the March meeting of the Dundalk Municipal District, when he requested that someone from the roads department check it out.

He said that while it was grand for normal traffic, he was worried about it being used by HGVs, as the bridge seems to have been undermined on one side.

It is the only access available to the residents of the Anaverna road who require deliveries using heavy goods vehicles.

He also drew attention to the Toberona Bridge, saying that masonry had fallen out of it into the water below.