Emergency flight brings stranded Conor back home

Conor Hughes

By Olivia RyanThe Argus

Blackrock charity worker Conor Hughes found himself caught up in the global Coronavirus crisis as he was returning home from working on a project in Ghana last week.

Conor had travelled a few weeks ago to deliver and distribute several container loads of donated goods in the West African nation.

The donations included thousands of school books, blackboards, a refurbished tractor, wheelchairs, sewing machines and lots more.

Crosscause are building new homes for vulnerable kids. The initial project is to build two houses to cater for up to 15 orphaned children many of whom have been banished from their village just because of a disability.

But just as the Louth man was finishing this stage of the aid project, as part of the Crosscause battle against poverty in some of the poorest parts of Africa, whole continents including Asia, Europe and the USA became entrenched in the battle against the COVID19 virus.

The crisis has grounded much international travel over the last two weeks, including flights from Africa.

Conor became stranded in Kotoka airport in Ghana for a number of days last week, unable to get a flight back to Europe - let alone Ireland.

He continued to checking availability on a daily basis and was liaising with the Irish consulate in Africa as he was 'keen to get back home as soon as possible.'

Conor told the Argus he was greatly relieved to have secured a place on a flight chartered by the German government to bring EU citizens home from Africa, joking 'It pays to be in, not out of the EU!'