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Duleek owner appeals for information on stolen Springer Spaniel ‘Nemo’


Nemo's owners are desperate for him to be returned.

Nemo's owners are desperate for him to be returned.

Nemo's owners are desperate for him to be returned.


The owner of a trained hunting dog stolen from its kennel in Duleek is making a desperate appeal for his safe return.

Nemo is a Springer Spaniel owned by Pat Bowens, and he was taken from the yard in which he is kept sometime between last Sunday evening (July 10th) and Monday morning (July 11th).

“This is heartbreaking and the local gardai are looking into his disappearance and are 99% certain he was stolen, as both his kennels were securely locked so there’s no other way he could escape,” says Pat, who owns a garage on the Platin Road.

"Nemo is microchipped so we are hoping that is he not spotted by someone, he might be brought into a vet or something, who can let us know where he is.”

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Nemo is a tan and white IKC registered springer spaniel, which is a trained gun dog,  so Pat is asking any hunting clubs and their members to please be vigilant as whoever robbed him could try to sell him on.

"Nemo is a great little hunter, but would not make a good pet, as he is a working dog, who is used to living outside,” explains Pat. “He is very well looked after, and is part of our family, and comes out with me every second day across the fields and loves it.”

The Laytown and Bettystown gardai are dealing with the theft, and Pat is also asking any local animal sanctuaries or pounds to keep an eye out for a springer spaniel.

"We are concerned for his welfare and are just hoping for his safe return, so is anyone has any information, please contact me on 086 0890332 or your local garda station,” adds Pat. “I only have him since last year, and it is heartbreaking to think someone could do this.”