Louth group introduces reusable Eco Beaker to help keep littering at bay

Olivia Campbell, Verna Gorman, Mayor of Drogheda Michelle Hall, Cllr Declan Power and Glenn Gorman from Clogherhead Development Group launch their Eco Beaker at the Beach Hut, where it will be stocked.

Alison ComynDrogheda Independent

With summer upon us, locals and visitors alike will be flocking to the Clogherhead and Port Blue Flag beaches, and the local voluntary group has come up with an innovative solution to try and keep litter reduced.

The dedicated team at the The Clogherhead Development Group (CDG) have created a reusable coffee cup in Clogherhead as part of a litter campaign in the village, and local resident Mayor Michelle Hall was joined by Cllr Declan Power to get the Eco Beaker officially launch the cups.

“After seeing a post by our local Cllr Power in March highlighting single-use coffee cups getting dumped in a life buoy on the beach, we decided to help by promoting reusable coffee cups,” explains Glenn Gorman from the CDG. “By using the same coffee cup when getting a take away coffee, you are helping reduce the waste from single use coffee cups in our village.

"If you use a reusable coffee cup just once a week, you have just reduced the waste by 52 single use coffee cups in a year”.

The Beach Hut has kindly offered to stock a limited number of reusable coffee cups for sale.

"We are hoping that once we launch this campaign others local shops will help sell the Eco Beaker, and it will really catch on,” adds Glenn. “We would like to thank local Cllr Declan Power and our Mayor of Drogheda Michelle Hall for their support in helping us prompt and launch this campaign.”

Clogherhead Development Group was established to promote the social, economic and cultural aspects of Clogherhead village. The committee members represent local organisation such as residents associations, school interests, senior citizens groups and fishing cooperative.

Projects include organising flowerbeds and street cleaning during the summer months and the installation of Christmas streetlights.

"I want to commend the Clogherhead Development Group for creating this innovative Eco friendly idea with their Eco Beaker. We have many locals and visitors that drink coffee and other beverages on the beach, and reusing their Eco Beaker, will help reduce beach litter of disposal cups and help maintain the beaches blue flag status that is important to the community and its many users,” comments Cllr Declan Power. “I also want to commend the Beach Hut as a leading distributor of the Eco Beaker. The Beach Hut provides a great service and important to have them on board with this initiative.”

A single beaker is €5 and all money raised by this campaign goes back into the village.