Louth councillor welcomes legal action following significant damage to historic Harty’s Cottage

Louth County Council pursuing owners of historic Drogheda structure

Legal action is to be taken to protect the historical Harty's Cottage at Crushrod Avenue.

Alison ComynDrogheda Independent

Legal action is being taken by Louth County Council against the owners of Harty’s Cottage at Crushrod Avenue, after a loose tarpaulin has allowed significant damage to the historical building.

Independent Councillor Kevin Callan once again raised the issue of serious deterioration in the structure.

The councillor had raised the issue after a protective covering had come off the structure allowing a great deal of rainwater to access the structure in recent months and has again raised the fact that the entire roof still remains unprotected from rainfall.

Councillor Callan has said that after his request for Louth County Council to act quickly to require the owners of the property to recover the structure, that he welcomed the confirmation from the planning compliance section that legal action is underway with the matter to go before the courts on May 12.

"This deterioration is clear and concerning. A third of the structure that was covered is now open to the elements,” said Cllr Callan. “The thatch and mud walls are now saturated and the protective covering is wrapped around one of the two chimneys which are attached to internal walls. The risk here is that the chimney may come down in strong wind".

The cottage is only one of two still standing in the town and the Thatch Pub on the Donore Road has been saved despite arson attacks in recent years.

"I am glad to see that Louth County Council is using its powers to compel action by those in control of the structure. We cannot simply allow the structure to collapse,” he adds. “Like the old Grammar School in Laurence's Street, we must act to prevent the destruction of the property which is at risk due to being exposed to bad and wet weather".

The council further confirmed to Cllr Callan that they had also written to the owners to recover the building.