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Love Drogheda BID’s launches redesigned website


Kelly Louise Foley.

Kelly Louise Foley.

Kelly Louise Foley.


Drogheda BID’s are coming in hot with their newest feature of The Love Drogheda website, launched on Monday, July 25.

Redesigned by Bridget and Cormac at Bammedia, the website was launched across Drogheda BID’s social media accounts via advertising set up by Andy Casey of SixTwo Digital, who manages the social media accounts. 

The team at Love Drogheda BID wanted to ensure that their redesigned website was their best foot forward, with a user friendly and attractive one-stop-shop for businesses, visitors and members of the public alike to learn about projects and enable anyone to easily get in touch. 

Kelly-Louise Foley, Administrative Assistant at Love Drogheda BID, said, "Wanting to update the website was something that was in the back of the whole team's mind for a while. But they were quite busy dealing with everything over the last two years regarding the pandemic. It was only since the beginning of this year when there was a little bit of breathing space to start looking at how easily accessible the BID’s team were and that was just one of the projects that we were able to take on. 

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"The entire BID's team, our board etc. wanted the same thing, a really nice, stylish website where all the information was available that anyone could go to and find out what we're doing. 

“The aim of the website was to act as a virtual front window,” explained Kelly-Louise, “showcasing all aspects of the community, the business community that we represent, the members of the public, potential businesses that might come into Drogheda, that it’s a way of showcasing who we are, what we're doing.”

Another aim was for all in the Drogheda community to be able to get to know the Team and the Board at Love Drogheda BIDS and what they do.

"We wanted to be able to tell people in the one place what it is what we were up to,” added Kelly-Louise, “who the team members are, deadlines and timelines for different projects, where information on grants for various different resources encompassing.

The redesigned website features blog posts, upcoming events, past events and news from the community, while also detailing BID’s initiatives with subsections under tourism, retail and jobs and enterprise. 

The website details BID’s initiatives with subsections under tourism, retail and jobs and enterprise etc. 

"I have been working on this project since I joined BID's which was in January,” says Kelly-Louise. “It properly kicked off in March once we got a few tenders in and then I've had the control of it on the content management side since May.”

Another feature of the website showcases monthly footfall figures throughout the town, "footfall figures will go up monthly because we tend to think the monthly footfall figures are easier to digest,” says Kelly-Louise.

"Grant availability will be updated as necessary as we learn of different grants available to the business community. The news and blog are similar, when there is something to talk about we will put it up there. It will be maintained constantly. 

Video’s on the landing page can be credited to Brian from Bang Bang Visual, who shoots the majority of Love Drogheda BID’s content.