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Around the Districts: Ardcath/Clonalvy, Julianstown and Stamullen


Lucy Browne, Daire McSherry and Eddie at the Boyne Grove Fruit Farm.Photo: Colin Bell Photography

Lucy Browne, Daire McSherry and Eddie at the Boyne Grove Fruit Farm.Photo: Colin Bell Photography

Lucy Browne, Daire McSherry and Eddie at the Boyne Grove Fruit Farm.Photo: Colin Bell Photography




Any news or items of interest contact Iris @0864033557 or email irismaryg@gmail.com

Ardcath ICA

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A very busy schedule is planned over the next few weeks. The guild will attend a day course in An Grianan on Friday 20th May. A visit to the Senate and a day out to Crafts of Ireland is also planned for May.

Rathfeigh P & P

New members are welcome to come along and join the club. It’s a lovely sport; and age is no barrier. The Nicky Lynch Memorial Scratch Cup will take place this Sunday 22nd May. For bookings contact Colm or Stephen Lynch.

Well-Oiled Wheelers

A new season of cycling from Ardcath has begun with the Well-Oiled Wheelers cycling club back in the saddle. we hope that you will support our club by re-joining us on the saddle over the coming months and invite friends, family members and colleagues to get active and get peddling. So, whether you have a BMX, Mountain bike or a high-speed racer, the Well-Oiled Wheelers is the club for you.

The normal cycling days are Wednesdays at 7.00 pm and Sundays at 8.00 am from Ardcath; additional cycles on Saturdays or other week days will be organised as numbers grow. You can follow our progress on Facebook/Twitter or Strava.

Meath Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Taking place from 12th -17th September 2022 led by Bishop Tom Deenihan. Booking forms available from: Joe Walsh Tours, 69 O’Connell St. Dublin 1, Tel: 01-2410800. The pilgrimage this year will be for hotel pilgrims only.

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Holy Land Pilgrimage – fully escorted trip 1st June 2022 visiting Jerusalem, Nazareth, Galilee and more. Spiritual Director is Fr Sean Henry. Cost €1,895 HB, details from www.travalue.ie 0818 333990.



Any news or items of interest contact Iris @0864033557 or email irismaryg@gmail.com

Concert for Alzheimer Society Drogheda

The Tredagh Singers present a summer concert of songs featuring excerpts from Handel’s Messiah with conductor Geraldine Doggett, orchestra and Soloists. Taking place in St. Peter’s Church of Ireland Peter Street Drogheda on Friday 27th May at 8p.m. Tickets cost €20 and you will be supporting a great cause. For tickets contact Ann Shortt on 087 2893698.

Meals on Wheels

Julianstown Stamullen Meals on Wheels we are delighted that the service is resuming this month. Meals will be delivered weekly, Monday Wednesday and Friday. Anyone wishing to avail of this service please contact Meals on Wheels dedicated phone number: 085-7222068 Or Ann on 086-8576470.

Moorechurch Blessing of Graves

Blessing of Graves in Moorechurch Cemetery will take place at 11:30 am on Sunday 3rd July. Please alert others outside the parish.

Help Needed with Transport

City North Hotel is kindly accommodating a group of Ukrainians for the foreseeable future. We are looking for several people to volunteer to give them lifts to and from Balbriggan as there is no public transport from the Hotel to the town of Balbriggan. Would you or your friends be able to accommodate them with a lift? If you can please email mitchellniamh@gmail.com or text 087 2518752 with your availability.


The East Meath Active Retirement Association have resumed activities and will meet every Thursday in St. Mary’s Church of Ireland Parish room from 2.30p.m. until 4.30p.m. each week. New members are always welcome to join this vibrant group of men and women who have plenty of events and outings for the coming months in the pipeline.

Julianstown Tidy Towns

The volunteers are busy getting the Community Garden into ship shape now that the weather is warming and encouraging Trees and Plants to show off their beautiful foliage and flowers. The Ladybirds have arrived and seem to like the flowers around the pond.

Basketball for All

We are thrilled to announce plans for a new inclusion team starting next season.

As part of this we are holding a ‘Come and Try day’ on Saturday May 28th from 10.30-12.30 in Ballymakenny College Drogheda.

We are inviting people of all abilities and disabilities, both physical and intellectual, to come along and play basketball with us. We will have plenty of qualified and experienced coaches on hand to answer any questions and get you involved in the best way that suits you. Please, help us spread the word. #wolfpack #tobelongtoplaytothrive #inclusion Basketball Ireland.


Meals on Wheels

The excellent Meals on Wheels Service is back across the Stamullen & Julianstown district. Meals are delivered weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Anyone wishing to avail of this particular service can do so by contacting the Meals on Wheels `dedicated phone number` at 085-7222068 or contact Ann at 086-8576470. This is a vital local service and volunteer drivers for the deliveries of the service are always needed so, if you feel you may be able to help out, please contact the above numbers, where your offer of help will be warmly accepted.

Active Retirement Group

The East Meath Active Retirement Association (EMARA), are back holding their weekly getogethers at the Church of Ireland Parish Rooms on the Laytown Road in Julianstown. This lively and very active group of Senior Citizens meet up every Thursday afternoon from 2.30 until around 4.30pm and have a range of recreational activities, along with making plans for outings for the group over the coming summer and autumn. Anyone who may be wishing to join up with the Association can just go along to the Parish Rooms in Julianstown any Thursday afternoon where you will be very much welcomed into this great bunch of people and where you will be with friends amongst friends.

Dog fouling

This is amusing, bemusing and also disgusting. Why do people go out walking their dogs and when the mutt goes to the toilet the owner collects the dog droppings, often placing the poop into an ordinary plastic bag and then they decide to throw the contents, plastic bag and all, onto the beautiful hedgerow or hang the contents, bag and all, on a railing along the side of the road in the vicinity of Stamullen village. Others who are out walking dogs will very often take a quick look around them to observe if anyone else may be watching and, if the coast is clear, they will just leave the dog mess on the footpath and walk off briskly as if nothing has happened. Why let on you are a `good citizen`, `doing the decent thing` only when it appears there are others around who are watching you ? Why place the damn dog poop into a plastic bag; often in a bag that is not compostable and then worse, throw the whole contents onto our beautiful rural hedgerows or leave it hanging on a railing for someone else to collect and dispose of ? Shame on the sneaky and arrogant dog walker and there are loads of them out there.

Know Your Parish

“As the Hammer strikes the Anvil”. The last Blacksmith that resided in this part of East Meath was Christy Carolan of Kennetstown. Christy was born at Kennetstown, parish of Moorechurch, on July 12th 1905; the son of Edward Carolan, who was also a Blacksmith and his mother, who was Margaret, nee Ludlow. When Christopher was a young boy, a fellow Blacksmith resided at the Carolan home and worked along with Christy`s father in the Forge; his name was Stephen Connor. Edward Carolan, Christy`s father, passed away at the very young age of just 55 years at the County Infirmary in Navan in the month of June 1915, just one-month before the young Christy`s 10th birthday. Christy went on to marry Mary Brigid Morgan, from Crossmaglen Co. Armagh, on October 27th in the year 1937; the wedding took place at Rathdown in South Co. Dublin. During the period of the Second World War, when fuel was greatly rationed and/or not available at all; the Forge at Kennetstown was pretty busy as many folk adapted back to the old method of using the horse and pony, carts, carriages & carts as a means of transport and also deliveries and for agricultural usage, etc. However, in the aftermath of the Second World War and by the close of the 1950`s, there were more petrol & diesel engine vehicles, cars, lorries, tractors, etc. in Ireland and, sadly, the days of the `Roadside-Blacksmith` were numbered. It was around this time when Christy Carolan gained employment as a Blacksmith with the Irish Oil & Cake Mill on the Marsh Road in Drogheda. Although he continued to carry out many jobs at the Forge at Kennetstown, Christy remained working at the Plant in Drogheda until the 1970`s. Christy`s hammer finally `struck-the-Anvil` for the last time at Kennetstown in the summer of 1990 when, at the ripe age of 85 years young, he and his wife Mary moved from Kennetstown to Gorey in Co. Wexford where their daughter Eileen was already residing. The end of an era had befallen on the old Forge and it fell silent for the last time after many a long year of providing a valued service to the community and also to the traveller and passer-by, as the great Forge at Kennetstown was situated at the foot of Mullaghteeling Hill on the very old Coach Road between Drogheda and Dublin via Cooperhill Cross and on for the village of Naul. In the `Old days-Old ways` of Ireland of long ago, the Blacksmith was a very important person within the local community and was held in very high esteem by everyone, with one of the last to reign in the area being our very own Christy Carolan of the old forge at Kennetstown.