Deliberate bin fire at Tredagh Lodge Alzheimers Centre condemned

Damage caused after vandals set bins alight in front of the Tredagh Lodge centre in Greenhills Drogheda.

Alison ComynDrogheda Independent

An arson attack outside the Tredagh Lodge Alzeimers centre in Greenhills has been condemned.

The act of vandalism saw bins at the outside gate of the centre set alight, causing extensive damage to the bins, footpath and road.

It was far enough from the centre not to cause damage there, however, it is a miracle no one was injured or the fire didn’t spread to the fencing surrounding the property.

Local councillor Kevin Callan says he will raise the matter at the next council meeting and hopes whoever did this will be caught.

“Disgraceful behaviour at Alzheimer’s Centre with arson attack on bins. I am raising this with council and the Gardai should also be involved in gathering evidence,” posted Cllr Callan on social media.

“Absolutely terrible carry on by those who contribute nothing to society but damage and anti social behaviour. The centre does nothing but good and this is the thanks they get.”