What was Trap thinking?

THE Israeli diplomat and statesman Abba Eban once noted of the Palestinians that they "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity".

We'll leave it to others to judge whether that is actually the case. What we will do is say that this particular phrase came to mind in the wake of Giovanni Trappatoni's latest man-management disaster.

Ireland had just beaten Poland two-nil. The woes of 2012, the turmoil and the speculation about his position were beginning to fade from the collective memory just a little bit.

People were excited about the prospect of Wes Houlihan playing a greater role in the Irish team and then Trap went and spoiled it all by saying something stupid like: Stephen Kelly demanded to play or else he'd leave the squad.

It seems pretty certain that Kelly made no such demand. His statement revealed his hurt, his confusion and his anger at his manager's actions. All of which was justified. Crucially the FAI backed the player, not their manager.

This latest fiasco just goes to show that the FAI should have relieved the Italian of his duties after the German game. Financial concerns more than likely put paid to that and Kellygate has surely put paid to Trap's chances of being awarded another contract by the FAI.


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