What happens in Nenagh

Ronan O'Gara
Ronan O'Gara

It's been a pretty decent spell for sporting themed documentaries on the television of late, what with the surprisingly engaging Keane & Vieira Best of Enemies programme, followed with the slightly sideways look at the life and times of Páidi O Sé in Páidí Ó Sé – Rí an Pharóiste on Christmas Day.

ROG - The Ronan O'Gara Documentary was no less compelling viewing, which struck just about the perfect balance between the anguish O'Gara suffered - as is still suffering - when his playing career finished, and the humour and camaraderie that O'Gara enjoyed with his fellow Munster and Ireland team mates.

The rivalry with Johnny Sexton, and how O'Gara used the Leinster out-half's threat to his place on the Ireland team as motivation was also fascinating, and a great lesson to veteran sportspeople that competition from a young upstart can be a positive thing.

And speaking of young upstarts, a line that raised a smile was when O'Gara and Donnacha O'Callaghan were rooming together in New Zealand and Keith Earls birthday celebrations came up.

O'Gara had remarked that at 10 years older than Earls the Corkman was nearly old enough to be Earls' father.

To which Donnacha Ryan had retorted "Only in Nenagh!" - a suggestion that made O'Gara go somewhere in his head that he clearly didn't want to go.

Last minute drop goals were no trouble to the ice-cool O'Gara, but the sexual nuances of a north Tipp town was a ball of a different shape altogether!


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