The highs and lows of our schoolboy season

FROM reading the other stories on this page you will see that the highlights of the Kerry Schoolboys Girls League easily outweigh any low lights.

The league continues to cater for well over a thousand underage players and works on a weekly basis at ETP / County Squad level to develop many of these. The quality of the league and the competitiveness continues to grow and any team that wins a trophy knows they have earned it. The league continues to compete with the very best at Inter League level and with a bit of luck we could see a national title for Kerry in the not too distant future. We are also very proud of all those called to International trainings and assessments and into Ireland squads.

If there are low points it is that we don't have teams west of Camp or south of Glenbeigh. While we all understand the workload in organising and running teams it is the young boys and girls that are missing out in these areas and the League would like to hear from any interested parties who would like to get involved in forming teams in South and West Kerry.

The other part of the game that needs work is the Girls side. Every club must have the conversation in its committee rooms as to whether it is doing enough for the girls in their club. Kerry needs to have as many teams as in its Girls divisions to make them competitive and to give girls the same opportunities as the boys. Again the league will work with any club that wants to enter a girls team.