Soccer tournament crosses the social divide

THERE is a football tournament with a difference next Sunday at Mounthawk Park when teams from Kerry and Limerick compete for a unique piece of silverware.

The Reclaim Project Invitational Tournament consists of just four teams - Na Fianna and Valley Wanderers from Kerry and Limerick teams Hill Celtic, (South Hill, Limerick) and St Paul's Limerick South side.

This initiative forms a small part in which John Keyes (Arsenal Football Club) and Limerick FC are forming community relations in the southside of Limerick city and the potential it has to broaden community relations.

The primary aim of the tournament is help to promote the good work being done in relation to community activities and projects involving the Gardai in which barriers are broken and potentials are realised when it comes to sporting activities.

A: Hill Celtic v Valley Wdrs, 2pm

B: Na Fianna v St. Pauls, 2pm

A Final: Winners of A V Winners of B, 4pm

B Final: Losers of B V Losers of B 4pm


Kerry's great run in the Kennedy Cup in June has not gone un noticed and Rian O'Sullivan who was the captain of the team has spent the last week at the Liverpool Academy

A native of Camp he plays with the Kingdom Boys club in Tralee.

Rian is a member of the FAI Emerging Talent Squad that will take part in the Hibernia Cup from August 16-18.