Mcclean threats are outrageous

AH life. Somethings it out dos anything satire or fiction could possibly come up with.

Take the situation young James McClean finds himself in at the moment (death threats etc) following his brave (yes, brave) decision not to go along with the poppy brigade in the United Kingdom.

You all know the score at this stage. In the run up to Remembrance Sunday on all British TV stations public figures (sport, arts, politics) will don the poppy out of respect for those who gave their life in service of the British military on foreign fields. That's all perfectly fine by me.

What isn't fine by me is the imposition of this practice on everyone and the ostracisation of those who choose, for whatever reason (being an Irish nationalist from Derry would see to pass muster for me), not to engage in the practice. It's positively Orwellian. Big Brother is watching you: you'd better be wearing a poppy.

Those men (and yes it was mostly men) died for your freedom so you have to ( have to) wear the poppy. Doublethink and Newspeak at their finest.

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