Feeling sorry for Luis? Didn't think so

CONTROVERSY attaches itself to Luis Suarez like hardly any other footballer in the game today.

The only other footballer to come close to his level of notoriety is Mario Balotelli – by the way Mario, when Silvio Berlusconi, the convicted tax fraudster and former Italian PM, feels comfortable calling you a "rotten apple" you might want to take stock of what you're doing with your life.

Sportspeople who get a reputation for skullduggery, which rightly or wrongly Suarez has now got, need to bear this in mind every time they take to the pitch.

Their actions are scrutinised far more than those of other players and when a player like Suarez does something like what he did at the weekend, the benefit of the doubt goes out the window.

Is that fair? No. Shouldn't every incident be judged on its own merits? Well yes. Is that the way the world works? Are you kidding me? Liverpool and Suarez could do without this distraction. Suarez should bear this in mind next time he takes to the pitch.

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