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Dyanmos face stiff opposition for league berth

TRALEE Dynamos have been busy over the last few months fine tuning their portfolio in the hope of obtaining a licence to play in Division 1 of the League of Ireland next season. To date they have held a number of meetings with the FAI and they are happy wth the way things have been progressing.

Club spokesman Noel White says that a huge amount of work has been going on behind the scenes by a committed group of people that have the interests of the club at heart. "The club have put a large number of young players through the emerging talent programme over the past seven years and we are going to do our utmost to ensure they will have a chance of playing league of Ireland football.

"At present out main focus is to be successful in our application for a licence and after that it is up to the FAI to decide which teams they will allow in Division 1. Our application will be in by the deadline of November 30 and the FAI are holding a convention in early December where the formation of the League of Irleand divisions will be discussed and decided upon," he commented.

Already it has been decided to extend the premier division from 10 to 12 teams and it is likely that division one will follow suit.

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That would leave the door open for two clubs to joing Division 1. However, five clubs are seeking to join Division 1 so Tralee Dynamos face stiff competition so only time will tell if they bid to join Division 1 will be successful.