Will Hamilton rue Mercedes swtich?

IF Formula 1 is to ever break through in the United States then last Sunday's USA Grand Prix in Austin, Texas will have gone a long way towards making it possible. In a season of brilliant races this was up there was the very best.

The amount of overtaking, and indeed the variety of it, was breathtaking. The freshness of the track and the hardness of the tires that Pirelli brought to the venue, allied to some brilliant, mature driving by virtually all the drivers, conspired to give us an absolutely cracking race.

It was an event capped, of course, by a brilliant performance by Lewis Hamilton. Unless he wins again this weekend (a distinct possibility) it might well have been his last ever victory in a McLaren so it was defintely a bittersweet occasion for all involved.

McLaren will lament the loss of one of the top two or three (he's just behind Alonso in F1's present pecking order we would argue) drivers on the grid and Hamilton will be left to wonder when will he again grace the top step of the podium when he looks at how poorly the Mercedes team performed at the Circuit of the Americas.

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