Galvin: 'I was spat on'

Kerry star releases statement as YouTube video alleges GAA spitting incident

Paul Galvin wipes the side of his face after the incident with a Cookstown player.
Paul Galvin wipes the side of his face after the incident with a Cookstown player.

Dnal Nolan

KERRY star Paul Galvin has claimed he was spat on during Finuge's recent All-Ireland clash with Tyrone side Cookstown, in an extraordinary twist to the ongoing controversy over the alleged incident.

In a statement released late on Tuesday, Paul Galvin said he felt he has been forced to go on the record and 'confirm' that he was spat on during the All-Ireland Intermediate Club Football Final between Finuge and Cookstown on Saturday, February 9, in Croke Park.

Controversy was sparked at the weekend when a video was posted on YouTube in which a Cookstown player is shown apparently spitting on Galvin while running past him from outside Galvin's field of vision. Galvin turns to his left to see the player running past, wipes his neck and is shown moments later protesting to Cookstown captain Owen Mulligan about the member of his squad.

A war of words has erupted on the internet since the weekend with Tyrone star and Cookstown captain Owen Mulligan leaping to his teammate's defence.

As controversy continued to mount over the matter, Galvin released an extraordinary statement on Tuesday. "Further to recent YouTube footage and press reports relating to a spitting incident in last months Intermediate club final I would like to 100% confirm for the record that I was spat on during the game," he said.

Mulligan robustly defended his team mate in a message he posted on his Facebook page. In it, he also alleged the Tyrone side were subject to 'vile sectarian' comments which he said amounted to 'abuse' during the game. There was no suggestion that any such comments were made by Paul Galvin.

Galvin said he was extremely disappointed over these claims: "I will utterly and unequivocally distance myself from claims made regarding verbal abuse during the game," he said


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