Emmets victorious over Moyvane

Division 1

Listowel Emmets 2-12

Moyvane 0-7

IT took until the 10th minute for the first score, which came from Emmets – a point from wing-back John Heaphy.

This was to be their only score from play in this half. A minute and a half later the Moyvane reply came from the boot of corner-forward DJ Keane, when he fired the ball over. When Emmets ran at Moyvane they were repeatedly fouled and went on to convert three frees, two from Connor Cox and one from Noel Kennelly and a penaty from Cormac Mulvihill in the 23rd minute this was Emmets' last score of the half.

Half-time score Listowel Emmets 1-4 Moyvane 0-4.

Emmets hit the ground running in the second half leaving Moyvane chasing the game the whole way through. It took just 30 seconds for full-forward Noel Kennelly Emmets to point.

Tarbert 0-5

Brosna 0-8

A STRONG breeze in Tarbert made scoring difficult for both teams.

Tarbert played a very defensive hand passing system, with a sweeper in the first half and a two man full forward line scores were impossible to come by as every time the ball was kicked into the square it was brought straight out again by Brosna's defence.

Tarbert's only score of the half came from a free converted in the 29th minute by corner forward Gerald O'Sullivan. In contrast playing against the breeze Brosna tried hard to break Tarbert's 13 man defence, but could not manage a score from play, only managing to convert two awarded frees in the seventh and 22nd minutes by wing-forward Tom McGoldrick. Half-time score Brosna 0-2 Tarbert 0-1.

Brosna were first on the scoreboard after the break in the fourth minute when full-forward David Curtin split the posts. It took until the ninth minute for Tarbert's reply when Gerald OSullivan converted a free. In quick reply 40 seconds later Brosna's Adam Barry pointed. In the 11th minute Brosna's Tom McGoldrick converted a free. Again the blanket defence was evident when it took until the 15th minute for the next score, which came from wing-forward Ambrosse Langan.

Brosna started to take control in this half and from the kick-out midfielder Shane Curtin won possession laid the ball off only to take the return and fired the ball over the bar in the 18th minute. Tarbert's man of the match Ambrosse Langan again pop up to split the posts in the 21st minute. Brosna went on to score two more points both from the boot of Tom McGoldrick.

Division 2

Ballydonoghue 2-12

Ballylongford 0-10

A QUICK start from returning corner forward Paul Kennelly set Ballydonoghue on their way.

Ballylongford's Liam McEilligott won the kick-out and went straight in at speed to fire the ball over the bar. In the second minute Ballylongford went on the attack with a great long distance point in the third minute form the boot of Joe McCarthy. In the sixth minute Ballydonoghue's Paul Kennelly again fired a ball over the bar to keep his team in touch. Thirty seconds later Ballylongford's centre-forward Jerimaiah Tydings pointed.

It took until the 10th minute for the next score, which came from the boot of Ballylongford's midfielder Eammon McEilligott, in quick reply Ballydonoghue's centre-forward Jim Cremin pointed in th 17th minute. It was all Ballylongford at this stage and again wing-forward Joe McCarthy took a shot from the 45 region, which floated over the bar in the 19th minute this was to be Ballylongford's last score of the half.

Ballydonoghue's next score came in the 20th minute from wing-back Patrick Kennelly. In the 24th minute Paul Kennelly pointed and at the final whistle Jim Cremin pop the ball over the bar in the 30th minute to bring the half-time score Ballydonoghue 0-6 Ballylongford 0-5.

In the second half Ballylongford were first on the scoreboard with a point from full forward Kenneth Foley. In the second minute Kennelly pointed. Ballylongford replied in the fourth minute with a point from Jeremiah Tydings. In the fifth minute Ballydonoghue replied again when Robert McGregor scored.

This is when Ballydonoghue upped their game and in the seventh minute Robert McGregor rattled the Ballylongford net for the first goal of the game. Then Kennelly split the posts. A vital mistake made by the Ballylongford backs, who were caught ball watching when Ballydonoghue's midfielder struck for a second goal in the 10th minute.

In reply Jeremaih Tydings split the posts in the 11th minute to keep his side in touch, but the impressive Paul Kennelly went on to score two more points one in the 16th minute and a free in the 23rd minute and midfielder Thomas Kennelly pointed in the 18th minute for Ballydonoghue.

Ballylongford scored two more points one in the 21 minute by Liam McEilligot and a free converted by Liam McCarthy.

Knocknagoshel 1-10

Asdee 2-5

ASDEE'S aspirations of reaching a North Kerry semi-final took a bit of a nose dive when they went down to the home side by a two point margin in what can only be described as a very poor contest.

Asdee did have plenty scoring opportunities, but their pulling and dragging attitude, giving away needless frees that Edmond Walsh, Knock's sharpshooter, gladly took with open arms converting six out of his sides tally ten points and this was to cost Asdee dearly by the end of the game.

The visitors, with Darren Russell in top form throughout the game, opened the scoring after seven minuts, but this was quickly pegged back when Edmond Walsh levelled from play. Certainly Asdee failed to take advantage of a stiffish breeze and even though they enjoyed plenty possession it was Knock who were registering the scores. A well taken goal from John O'Keeffe in the 16th minute saw Knock take control and by the 17th minute had gone 1-4 to a single point ahead.

By this stage with Noel Long and the midfield partnership of John Doran and Padraig Ruddle who were having a great tussle with the much vaunted Knock pair, James and Edmond Walsh were getting to grips with the game and when centre back Noel Long set up Micheal Walsh in the 24th minute to billow the net from close range the game was back in the melting pot and when the short whistle sounded it was the home team who still led by a point; 1-5 to 1-4.

On the changeover it was Knock through Niall Barrett who pointed inside the fourth minute. Back came Asdee and when Noel Long won possession at midfield; soloed his way through a number of opponents to smash the ball into the net which put his side ahead; 2-4 to 1-6. However, Knock were winning plenty ball and despite kicking five wides in-a-row had again levelled up the tie by the 15th minute, three points in-a-row from Edmond Walsh with the visitors only reply coming from Darren Russell saw the home team get the result they needed which puts them into a semi final place against Ballylongford.


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