Keane will be his own man whatever else 

Peter Keane wasn't answering his phone on Tuesday. And even though he had just been appointed into the biggest managerial position in Gaelic games on Monday night - and wanted by every media organisation for this thoughts - it wasn't hard to blame the 47-year old for sticking it on airplane mode and going to ground. Like those Euromillions jackpot winners who strike gold, Keane's life is about to change immeasurably, and if not quite for forever more, at least for as long as he wears the Bainisteoir bib as Kerry football manager.

St Brendans might just have it to beat the Blues 

Paul Brennan There was a time, and not all that long ago, when the prospect of Kerins O'Rahillys and St Brendans meeting in a championship game meant only one thing: a comfortable win for the club team. Now such an outcome is far from certain. There's no doubt that O'Rahillys Round 2A win over Dr Crokes saw their stock soar but then St Brendans went out and put 3-18 on a rated Mid Kerry team in Round 3 and all bets were off for this quarter-final derby that...

Choosing the Kerry captain: outdated or sacrosanct? 

It's a debate that rises and rages and then dies away again every few years. It's as old as the GAA itself in Kerry and for some people it's as immutable. For others it has been and caused more trouble than it's worth and needs to be changed, and for more again it's as sacrosanct as the Sam Maguire Cup. We are, of course, referring to the Kerry football team captaincy and whether or not the method for picking the Kerry captain for any given year is an out-dated relic or a beautiful and now near unique tradition to be preserved at all cost.