We idiots will provide a terrible warning to future generations

Anglo - the bank is gone but the pain continues.
Anglo - the bank is gone but the pain continues.

Sir, Are we all 'mugs'? Worse still, are we governed by 'mugs'? We've been strung along over the past five years with the hope that we will emerge soon from our imposed nightmare. Not so, I'm afraid. We have turned enough corners and done enough heavy lifting to be included in the Guinness Book of Records but the simple fact is that we cannot repay all our debt and have a happy and well run society as well. Something has to be done differently but we don't have the statesmen to do it.

The revelation of the 'Anglo tapes' should make us all very angry. They seem to indicate that we may have had the wool pulled over our eyes by the previous government and others who were in a position to know and understand the scale of the crisis in the banking sector in the days before it went belly up.

We are now in a situation where the innocent are suffering because they are forced to pick up the tab for wild speculation and terrible financial management.

We are surely partly to blame for our own demise as a nation. We elect the governments who run our affairs. Party loyalty borders on fanaticism. What a party does in government is lauded by its followers, while the same people would criticise similar governance by a different party. There are none so blind as those who will not see. So the broken system continues.

History sometimes astounds us. We wonder how the manipulation of whole populations can occur. Now it's easier to understand. We are living through a period, where massive manipulation has taken place in Ireland. We now accept that we are going to pay all the bank debt. It's not even up for discussion any more. Future generations will express surprise at our naivety. We are the future history lesson. We don't think for ourselves; we are easily led.

When the privately owned banks were in trouble, we were reliably informed that we would not rush in rashly; due diligence would be undertaken. Listen to the Anglo tapes and you won't be filled with confidence that this was the case.

Truth, honesty and justice all seem to have bitten the dust in recent times. These moral tenets are only for fools, easily led fools. The 'sharp guys' prey on such fools. We've been had.

Are we all 'mugs'? A rhetorical question, no doubt!


Gerry Cournane,



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