'People power' is the only weapon left to us

Sir, What a battering this island is taking in recent years and I don't mean the weather. The activities of a certain element of its inhabitants is beyond the understanding of any human being.


The only consolation is our young people are jetting off to Australia and other countries where they will get experience and won't have to bear with the confusion of this State in its present environment.

On last Saturday, our Tanaiste, Eamon Gilmore, attended a Dublin Gay Pride parade where 35,000 people assembled. On the same day Minister for Arts & Heritage Jimmy Deenihan, together with MEP Sean Kelly and other prominent politicians, assembled at a young Fine Gael meeting in Killarney to do with our heritage and gaeltacht. Outside the GPO in Dublin, a group of only 200 'Jail the Bank Campaigners' protested demanding a Corporate Criminal Assets Bureau to be set up to examine the activity of, and hopefully jail, rogue bankers. There were no ministers, MEPs or prominent politicians there - these 200 protestors stood alone.

According to Carol Hunt, in a recent Sunday Independent, our anger is almost physical now and the Anglo tapes have forced us to our tipping point. The people of Ireland are angry and rebellious, but are slow to protest. In my opinion people are tired, debilitated and in a state of confusion as to what is going to happen next and have lapsed into a rut of fear and anxiety. In other words their spirit is broken.

However, this is not good. It is very negative as people power is the only weapon and is necessary to fight against the destruction and damage that has been caused to our democratic society.

I understand many of those who played a part in our economic ruin are abroad. If, at some time, they are extradited, arrested and charged, then this will become a big money spinner for those involved in the procedure of courts and enquiries.

Obviously there is no control and the burden will fall on the already struggling working man, woman and his family.


Philomena Fitzgerald,

St John's Park,



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