Our fine, shiny new road is great â?“ well almost

Sir, At the present time we hear a lot of people complaining about the financial situation that we are in. Fear not, it is not all gloom and doom. Recently, that fine stretch of R563 road between Listry and Faha was freshly surfaced. So now we have got a very good road with a fine and shiny surface.

Are we happy? No, because it looks to me like someone is already thinking about the future economic situation and taking precautions to increase the turnover for garages, tyre suppliers and panel beaters, also the car dealers, doctors, chemist shops and hospitals.

The ingenuity of the construction lies in the raised level of the road, which provides, at both sides, a sharp edged trench, so that those forced to move to the side of the road by heavy goods vehicles are indeed living dangerously. Cars may slip over the edge of the road, break an axle, damage tyres or the chassis of their cars. Indeed much worse could happen to those inside the cars.

Of course Ireland has not a lot of money to spend at present, but it would have taken so little to fill up the sides of the road with stones or gravel to make it safer. This would have been very highly appreciated by us all, who have to drive to Killarney or to Milltown.

So come on County Council and finish the good work. It would be most appreciated by those using the road before the ice and snow returns and we find ourselves sliding off the roads again. Sincerely, Eduard Schmidt-zorner, Dromin West, Milltown.

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